Tropical Healthcare

tropical healthcare

Tropical Healthcare is a leading healthcare service provider that offers online consultations, education, and management where needed. It has a team of highly skilled and well-trained doctors who have over 12 years of clinical experience to provide high-quality medicare services online at affordable prices.


We designed and developed a Tropical Healthcare website on WordPress in PHP language using modern tools, like WP bakery page builder, video players, OWL Carousel, and bootstrap UI frameworks, and also developed a Tropical Healthcare app on Flutter technology in Dart language that could operate well on Android and iOS platforms for a pleasant user experience.


  • Easier signup process with Google and Facebook.
  • Free symptoms checker and get free health tips.
  • Get online consultations, share reports, and take prescriptions accordingly.
  • Option to sign up as a doctor and patient.
  • The ability to do chat and video calls for a doctor.
  • Choose your package and book an appointment with a doctor of your choice.
  • The flawless payment process with PayPal.
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