Shimmy Diagnoser

Shimmy Diagnoser

Shimmy Diagnoser is the mobile app that sense vibration of car and detect the issue.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to find which part of car is producing vibration and you dont have diagnoser tools in your garage. Each component of car produces different unique vibration when it working properly and when not. We have developed iOS and Android app that uses mobile’s inbuilt sensers to detect the vibration and based on that it give you exact part of vehicle which causing the issue or not working properly.




For testing, you need to place your mobile device in car with pre-installed shimmy diagnoser. make sure mobile is in the constant contact of car while testing. Now for test, you need to drive your car at the usual speed you normaly go with take it to the point where you start feeling the vibration. Shimmy diagnoser app will do its work and detect the component or part of car from the vibration it sensing.


  • No extra cost of diagnoser
  • Easy to use with iOS and Android support
  • Instant and accurate results
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