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O&P Tree Interactive Mobile Application (OPTIMA)


Optima is the mobile app build for android and iOS users with primary intention of helping orthotists, prostherist and other health care providres to navigate the CPT and HCPCS coding process. No need to search through hundreds of codes, just use advanced search function in the app and get your desired codes in break down of major differences.


For O&P professionals, this app is more than just a full list of codes, this app can be your daily coding tool in the office or on the go. Users can use the “favorites” option to save codes for future use, and access “favorites” on other mobile devices when using a login. The “cart” function can also be used to build a list of codes for a device without having to save it to your favorites. “Cart” is useful for finding codes and add-on codes for temporary use.


  • Advanced decision tree search feature
  • Definitions of commonly used orthotic and prosthetic terms
  • Annual updates for compliance
  • Entire list of orthotic, prosthetic, and mastectomy codes (1000+ codes)
  • Save and access your “favorites” on other mobile devices
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