3 Best WordPress security plugins -2018 list

WordPress Security Plugins

3 Best WordPress security plugins -2018 list

WordPress is the most popular content management system that is used by bloggers, webmasters, and eCommerce owners. It is famous for easy usability and robust performance. another benefit of WordPress CMS is the number of themes and plugins available for users to add new functionality. but with popularity and widespread usage, it also brings the attention of hackers and spammers making it an easy target. And if you are not aware of this all security things, there are thousands of WordPress sites and blogs get compromised in the world daily. If you are running on WordPress CMS and not taken enough care of security, you might end up affecting your store or blog with viruses in the future.

This all not means that WordPress is insecure and you need to move your blog to another CMS. There are some things to take care of that will make sure your blog gets security and not hacked by anyone. this includes timely website backups, malware protection, reliable hosting and some in-site features that will stop someone to attack your WordPress store/blog. A simple example of this is captcha on all the forms where users submit any kind of data including login/register forms so bots don’t crash the database with fake entries.

There are many security plugins available for WordPress, some are free and some premium or freemium. It helps you increase the security of the WordPress site with some proven techniques and encryptions.

1. Wordfence



Wordfence is a very popular WordPress security plugin available for free as well as paid version. You will get full-covered WordPress security with its premium version of a plugin, but its free version also offers loads of security features that will help you keep your site safe and spam free.

You can use a plugin to get alerted at which point the site is getting compromised or having a weak point that needs improvement. Just you need to set up things one time and it will run optimizing your choice of security. We are using the same plugin on our website and found it very easy and useful once some setup work is done.

Wordfecnce effectively blocks brute-force attack and also let you use two-factor authentication for double security. Further, you can block traffic from any specific country, fake traffic, botnet, and scanners.

The premium plugin cost you $99 per year for a single key and you can have multiple site license as per your needs. It is a no-cheap plugin but provides value for the price. You should invest this amount in the security of your blog/site if it is getting hacked or infected by malware attacks.

Download wordfence

2. BulletProof Security (BPS)

bullet proof security


BulletProof Security is another popular security plugin that provides advanced security protection features including firewall security, database protection, login security and many more. BPS provides a very easy user interface with four click setup. Just install, active and you have done! It will handle the rest of the work.

you can limit failed login attempts, fake traffic, code scanners and let you block particular IP also. The plugin keeps an eye on WordPress core files including themes and plugin’s code for any suspicious script providing high security. Admin gets notified of any infection found that needs actions.

You will get built-in file manager for htaccess and default caching for optimized website performance. BPS protects your WordPress site from various vulnerabilities including XSS, RFI, CRLF, Base64, SQL injection, Code injection and many other.

You will get free as well as a premium version of this plugin. The pro version comes with some extra advanced features although free version also provides enough basic protection.

Download BulletProof security

3. Sucuri security


wordpress plugin

In the list of best WordPress plugins for 2018, Sucuri hits in top 3 places. Sucuri security plugin is from the well-known security company, Sucuri. You will get various security features with Sucuri like malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, activity auditing etc.

Sucuri protects your site from scanner attacks, DOS attacks, and brute-force attacks.

Sucuri is a popular security company having experts on the team for support and regular updates. If you are willing to pay, you should go with a premium version of the plugin for better service and support.

Download sucuriĀ 

Are you using any different plugin on your WordPress site? Comment on your experience. Let’s get the best!

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