Why ASO is So Important in Mobile App Marketing?

ASO(App Store Optimization)

Why ASO is So Important in Mobile App Marketing?

What is ASO?        

‘ASO’ or ‘App Store Optimization’ is a self-explanatory term. Still putting into more clear words,

ASO is the process of optimizing your apps for a higher rank in the app store search results.

The concept is very much similar to SEO or search engine optimization, the only difference is that the search is done in-app store instead of an engine like Google and the displayed results are apps instead of web pages.

Why is ASO so important?

To understand the importance of ASO, first, we need to understand the statistics. The mobile app market is massive and the forecast suggests the number of apps downloaded annually in 2017 has reached a whopping 200 billion. Pertaining to these downloads, about 60% of apps are discovered using app store browser, 50% discovered through recommendations, and only 15% discovered while browsing web pages. This statistics clearly suggest that most of the apps are discovered only via an app store. So, to make your apps discoverable or within the reach of mass, ASO is as important as app development.

You have created a beautiful app but what’s the point if no one downloads it? Or even worse what if it does not get displayed in the app store search result? Many mobile app marketers focus on marketing strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing and a lot of other stuff. What they forget about is app store optimization.

Advantages of ASO:

Let’s look closer to what app store optimization has to offer in terms of app reachability to a number of people:

  1. Organic installs:

One of the best advantages offered by ASO is its ability to increase organic installs of your app. And you can leverage this advantage without spending a penny. Once you optimize your app for app store search results, you can increase the visibility of your app.

  1. Discoverability to relevant users:

If your mobile app is discoverable but not in front of a relevant audience, then it serves no purpose. For example, if the app does not have a proper description, wrong targeted keywords, or even if it is falling in the wrong category, then it can reduce the chances of relevant discovery. But with ASO this can be sorted.

  1. Increased revenue:

If you monetize your app in any way, for example, ads, subscriptions or in-app purchases, then ASO will benefit you with increased revenue when the app is downloaded.

  1. Stability:

App store optimization helps you to gain stability in a way that no other marketing strategy can fulfill. The app downloads may reduce with time and you may think of investing more for other marketing tips and tricks. But with app store page optimization, you get profitable returns and the organic installs keep flowing in without giving more efforts.

What are the mechanics of ASO?

Now that we have already discussed what is ASO, and the advantages provided by it, we can now move forward to understanding the factors that can affect ASO:

  1. Title:

The keyword in the title should have the heaviest traffic associated with. Also changing the title for several keywords is a big no-no as it becomes difficult for the engine to search for the title.

  1. Keywords:

To improve search rankings, keywords are important. To drive relevant traffic to the app, it is important to target keywords wisely.

  1. The total number of downloads:

ASO is helpful in increasing organic installs, as already discussed above. Optimizing the app store description to images, ratings, and reviews, all these can affect the total number of downloads to a great extent.

  1. Rating and Reviews:

Apps with higher ratings and reviews also rank higher in the app store. This requires a mechanism to connect you with the users inside the app store. With this, you can guide your happy customers to leave positive feedback. All this is possible with ASO.

Final Thoughts:

Making your app reachable is a crucial thing for its success. To get the benefits of ASO, it requires investing time and efforts. But once you are through with it, it can give you results that are unmatchable. If you want to know more about then contact us.

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