Which One is More Secure Platform in 2019: Android or iOS?

Which One is More Secure Platform in 2019- Android or iOS

Which One is More Secure Platform in 2019: Android or iOS?

This is not the time where Cybercriminals just emphasize and target only Desktop Computers and laptop for Cyber Attack. Nowadays, hackers have begun targeting tablets and smartphones, which contains so much vital and personal information. So, with this one question is definitely comes in your mind which Mobile Operating System is more secure, iOS or Android?

Smartphones have now become an indispensable part of our life. From starting with, banking, book a ticket to the entertainment purpose people is uses their mobile device. That means all the vital to trivial information is available in our mobile phones. Just because of that, Hackers now have begun trying their virus and malware attacks on Android and Apple devices. The iOS and Android operating systems have become lucrative targets for accessing the common personal information of users.

After knowing this, safety is the primary concern of people. As well as, it is also a responsibility of dedicated mobile app development company to serve app that is tough to hack. Development platform also affects while developing a secure mobile application. So, let’s discuss which platform is more secure iOS or Android.

1. Threat Level of iOS and Android

iOS – The iOS system is reputed as the more secure compared to the Android Operating systems. The reason behind this is iOS is a closed system, Apple never releases its source code to the app developers. The owners of iPads and iPhones are not supposed to edit the code on their phones themselves. So, it is tough for cybercriminals to discover vulnerabilities on iOS devices.

Android- In contrary, Android devices are based on open-source code. These devices owners can move around with their device’s operating systems. Too much moving around can generate vulnerability in the device’s security. Often Android is targeted by hackers. It is a more engaging target as it is also the successful operating system globally. Android device is more in danger.

2. Security and Software updates

It is always recommended to upgrade your devices with the latest version of the Android OS. Regularly Android releases the updates. These updates are designed in a way that they can guide you to secure your Android devices against any security threat. If you neglect these updates, you cannot save your device from the danger.

Apple’s iOS updates are great events. They prompt the users to install them as soon as they are released in the market. The users of both having Android and iOS devices can easily turn on automatic updates. So whenever an update is released, the device can automatically update to the latest versions.

3. How you can stay safe from intruders

Android is alluring because it offers an operating system that is more open. So you have to be careful, but you also have to be careful with iOS.

You have to pay attention to the apps that you download on your device. If you download a false app, you will save your device to affect with the virus. This also happens with iOS. If you download an app from a third party resource, it easily harms your mobile device with virus attacks. You must download apps from a trustworthy resource.

In order to download Android apps make sure to use only the Google play store. Actually, there is no reason to download Android apps from any other source. The same suggestion is for iOS. Apple App store is a perfect store to go to.

Now discuss both platform’s Operating System

1. Android Operating System

  • Popularity

The Mobile App Development companies are continuously developing new apps to operate on the system. The difficulty happens when cyber criminals develop apps that are created especially to affect your Mobile devices. Google Play Store serves an app review method. The process is not severe complete. This way it becomes simpler for false apps hide on the Google Play Store. As a user, you can go into your Android device and enable the software installation from unknown resources. This allows you to install software on your Android device even if it is not from Google Play Store.

  • Device Fragmentation

The Android operating system executes on devices which are generally manufactured by a lot of mobile manufacturing companies, unlike iOS. The device manufacturer can use a custom ROM which already contains installed software. It cannot be explained easily for any wicked purpose.

2. Apple’s iOS

  • Less Versatile

Apple controls the iOS system very well. That’s why iOS is more reliable. Although, a lot of people break out their Apple devices. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t give support to such devices.

  • Great Powerful controls

It is a really stringent task for developers to get their apps onto the App Store. As well as, review method is also difficult.

  • Not Prime Target

Cyber Criminals do not choose iOS operating system frequently like Android.


In the end, we can say that as Android is Flexible and open-source platform, it is favorable among many developers. But with this, it is not a reliable platform for security in comparison with current iOS.

Moreover, we cannot give the direct recommendation to the only iOS. Because today we have various new technologies in Android which used to enhance its security. The main thing is that if intruders successfully find the looping holes in any platform then it will harm your mobile phone and its data.

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