Whatsapp’s Three new Features that Pushing the App with Trends

Whatsapp’s Three new Features that Pushing the App with Trends

Whatsapp’s Three new Features that Pushing the App with Trends

Whatsapp is the biggest instant chatting platform available in the market right now with more than 1.5 billion users all around the world. From the beginning, WhatsApp always tried to provide a clean, lite app interface with less complexity and better user experience.

However, everything changes with time, right? As user expectations. People want more features like voice calls, file sharing and much rather than just messaging.

Along with that, the market started filling with similar chat apps that offer more features than WhatsApp including some unique features users started liking and shifting from WhatsApp to other apps for daily use.

In this situation, WhatsApp has no other option than adopting new changes and market needs to stay in the competition. However, not making the app too heavy, WhatsApp released some needy features that are proved successful to hold users on the app and compete with other apps.

Let’s take a brief look at the last major changes in WhatsApp application:

WhatsApp voice and video call

It’s been a long we are using this feature of WhatsApp voice and video calling. Before Whatsapp updated this feature, there were many other apps that released the in-app free voice & video calling feature including Wechat, Line that are straight competitors of Whatsapp. This feature turned important and people liked it that let you make free international calls easily over the data. Whatsapp made available the video call feature for all in November 2016.

It uses less data with compression and provides a good calling experience if you don’t want to use a separate video call app. google hangout was also providing the similar feature so it was necessary for WhatsApp to release the similar feature in the app for users.

WhatsApp stories

Snapchat. A bit different social app that created its own audience with a unique image and short video sharing feature. Snapchat stories started getting popularity in youngsters as people want something different and that’s what Snapchat was providing. Story posting disappears after 24 hours.

Share your daily moments with followers and follow others to see there. Parent company – Facebook added this feature to all the apps including Instagram, WhatsApp and facebook messenger and the facebook app where people can publish stories with AR filters and other effects competing with the Snapchat app.

In WhatsApp, they have added one separate row for the WhatsApp stories that let you browse all the stories uploaded by your WhatsApp contacts. You can change the privacy settings for your stories selecting who can and who cannot see your story update.

Whatsapp payments peer-to-peer money transfer

This feature is in the beta testing phase but soon it will be rolled out to the Indian market. Recently WhatsApp announced the payment feature and after just a few days, Google launched Tez app that let you transfer the money from bank account to any bank account directly.

In Indian market Paytm already spread its reach in online payment processing and after Google’s Tez app it becomes difficult to stand out for WhatsApp.

Still, with the huge user base, this feature will increase the popularity of WhatsApp app for instant money transfer. Paytm already feeling threatened after WhatsApp’s payment feature announcement. India has always been a potential market for major IT brands. And focusing on this market trend, it becomes needy for WhatsApp to give tough competition saturating the market.

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