What is the Role of Virtual Reality in eCommerce? How Does Help.

Virtual Reality in ecommerce

What is the Role of Virtual Reality in eCommerce? How Does Help.

Virtual Reality is a trending technology and has the potential of revolutionizing the industry. It is capable of changing the shape of the retail business in the world. This being the reason, every third business is engaged in using virtual reality for their eCommerce website.

People, as they have got plenty of options, the cases of cart abandonment have increased. So, the retailers need something more solid to keep their customers attracted. This responsibility can be handed to virtual reality. Almost one-third of the customers in the world believe that more investments need to be done in such technologies. The number of people using VR devices is exponentially increasing with each passing day. If we consider only Amazon, hundreds of different qualities of VR headsets can be found there. From small start-ups to big businesses, all are running behind this technology.

Now, you must have it clear that VR has a great future and using it on your website is going to boost your eCommerce sales. So, let us look at the role of VR in your eCommerce website.

  1. Virtual Showrooms

No matter how easy it is to shop online; people still miss the feeling of trying things before buying them. People still have that insecurity as they do not get to see how the product would fit their requirements. This can be diminished by taking the help of Virtual Reality. Online retailers can build these virtual showrooms or virtual stores that can provide the customers with a virtual feeling of the physical stores. This is much better than going to the stores physically as you can get this experience sitting on your couch.

Lowe’s Holoroom is an emerging tool that helps in creating virtual showrooms. Renovation projects are difficult to be done visually. If you just have to pick the furniture and paint by just imagining how it would look in your homes, then it is a difficult job. Thanks to the virtual showrooms that enhance your visualization capabilities by providing you the actual view of how things would look. So, the home improvement projects are now much easier if aided with virtual reality.

technology is available with Lowe’s Innovation Labs from 2014, but there have been several updates over the years. With that, its popularity has also increased gradually.

Well, it is not just the home improvement projects that can benefit from this technique. You can use it for other products too.

The customers just need to wear the headset on their faces and they can get almost the same experience as they would do in a supermarket or some other physical store. They can walk across the store, only virtually, just as they would in an actual store to find the products of their choices. The sales are, without any doubt, going to be boosted by the use of virtual showrooms.

  1. Virtual Product Visualisation

The ‘try before you buy’ novelty has been adopted by many online retailers. If the customers get to look at the products before buying them, they would feel secure and confident. They get this assurance that they will not have to return the product if it doesn’t suit them.

Many online spectacle stores have started using this to let their customers have a virtual trial of the frames on their faces. This way they can decide better. This reduces the chances of returns and exchanges. Also, it will make customers feel special. So, the sales will be boosted.

Apart from these, the eCommerce websites that engage in selling jewelry can also use this technique of allowing its customers to see how a piece of jewelry would look on them. Similarly, lipsticks and nail-paints can also be marketed in this way. Giving the customers a chance of visualizing the product, although virtually, would make them decide faster on which product to purchase.

Instead of just reading the product description and assuming how the product would physically look, this is a much better technique of providing the details to the customers. It is a completely new method of user interaction that will draw more customers.

  1. User Engagement

As mentioned before, the virtual reality provides a completely new way of user interaction. The retailers can connect to the customers better than they ever did before. By just pressing a button on their VR headsets, the users can visualize how the product would look physically and not just its dimensions and other details in a readable form. The user engagement with the website will increase drastically.

  1. A new reason to come to your store

Virtual Reality is being loved by the people who have used it and they would want to do it again and again. If your website has this feature, then it will lure the customers again and again. This will give them just another reason to visit your store. It does not matter if they want to purchase something or not, but they will still come and visit your online store to enjoy the VR experience. Now, there is a lot of chance that they will end up buying the product they were trying just for fun. More than anything, they can get the feeling of being in a shopping mall all day without having to go to the mall physically and engage in the crowd. The better the customers feel after visiting your store, the better are their chances to come back and make purchases. So, it is beneficial to invest in this technology.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality to eCommerce websites?

  • VR can leave the customers with a rich, immersive and memorable experience that will make them crave to visit your website again. This can improve the conversion rate of your website.
  • It breaks down the language barrier. The description of products on the website pages is most generally written in the English language. Not everyone would be familiar with the language, but they would still want to buy online. So, this is a good opportunity to reach those customers. They can get the details from the virtual visualizations.
  • The product can be viewed from all angles. The 360-degree view is so much better than having a photograph from each angle. The customers can feel like they are holding the product in their hands and rotating it to scrutinize from every angle. It gives them an enhanced perspective about the product and increases the chances of them buying it.
  • As it leaves the customers with a memorable experience, they are going to talk about it with other people; even on social media. So, this is an advertisement for your store and that too for free.

To recapitulate, Virtual Reality is a part of many technologies and the number of associated technologies is only going to increase with time. Many companies have started using this technology to attract customers to their stores and more are expected to do so. Now, to stand in the competition, you too must adapt to this technology as quickly as possible. The aforementioned techniques will help you identify the role of Virtual Reality in eCommerce websites and so, you can proceed with the developments accordingly.

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