What Are The Upcoming Features of Android Q

Android Q Feature

What Are The Upcoming Features of Android Q

Android Pie is just started to taken place in our mobile phones and on the other hand, Google is unstoppable and starting to work on their new Android OS Release is “Android Q”. Now the question is what kind of new features we will get in this Android Q?

Let’s take a look at some features of Android 10.0 which will enhance our experience with Android.

1. Multiple-Resume Feature

PiP mode

The multiple-Resume will get an upgrade and we will experience it under the name of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Split Screen mode.

With this feature, User can use more than one screen in active mode as a Split App. That means, it was not like all apps in the background will go inactive or sleep mode while you are using another app.

More than one Apps will run simultaneously, independent of your interaction with the order opened app screens. This will increase the present generation to enjoy working with multiple apps on their Smartphones. As an example, you can watch a video on one tab and another tab you can open a map or whatever you want to use in your phone.

This will be one of the fascinating features from the bucket list because people like to do multitasking now.

2. Accessibility on Desktop

Nowadays, Samsung and Huawei deliver desktop modes which are a pretty interesting concept. With this feature user can connect their phone to large display, the user interfaces change to something resembling according to the screen of Desktop computer or laptop. That means we can get a PC-like home screen, a start menu, app windows, and the ability to use a keyboard and mouse.

3. Foldable Phone Support

Foldable support

Last year Samsung announced its new foldable devices Galaxy F or Galaxy X. Now, Google will decide to release Android Q, which support Android devices with foldable displays. Which means Android Q will provide a clearer and smother layout of Android Apps for foldable phones. We expect that it will enhance great user experience with foldable devices.

4. Smart Lock

Google introduced Smart Lock function from the days of the Lollipop. Now, our experience with Android Q will be enhanced with the unlock time period of our Android device, provided it is already unlocked. The second type of smart locks will lock the mobile phone when a trusted device is no longer trusted. As a result, it will increase privacy and security.

5. Native Facial Recognition

face recognition

Apart from conventional Face Recognition, Android Q includes new technologies such as AI and ML and provides 3D face Id detection like Apple’s iOS have. That means it will be much easier to use face recognition in our Mobile Device.

6. Complete Dark Mode

android q dark mode

One another exciting feature that we will see in the upcoming Android OS Version is Dark Mode. This feature will cut down the access battery consumption on devices with OLED screens and enable the users to enjoy more productive hours on their devices.

7. Notification Access


Android Q will also be going to enhance notification setting. Now, the notifications will not fade away unless you perform an action on them also when a device is getting restarted. In other terms, the notifications will remain on the screen till you slide the notification towards the left to open the icons or towards the right to dismiss them.

Moreover, a small notification displaying the icon of an app accessing your location or any other native device feature will also be included in the upcoming Android version. Which means, you did not need to go through the hassle of checking the setting and discovering which app is accessing your native device features and it will directly display on your device.

8. Support for Downgrade App

Another interesting feature of Android Q’s framework was that it will be possible to downgrade an app to an older app version. Although this feature existed on Google’s own apps, for now, the option does not extend to third-party apps. But if we take what has been gleaned from Android Q’s framework into consideration, it is safe to assume that, it does arrive, it will come with the option that allows us to downgrade any app that has been installed on your phone.

9. Warning Against Older Apps

This new Android Q feature will inform the user that they are installing an app based on Lollipop or earlier and that it won’t be able to use the latest features of the Smartphone.

In this way, prevent them from installing an application that does not work efficiently on the latest Android OS and have the worst experience.

10. Native Screen Recording

native screen recording

The most awaiting feature for Android users will going to release with Android Q. That is Screen Recording. By setting up this feature properly you can use this feature to record your mobile screen and make video clip through it.

We all know that Whole Android OS versions are come up with the name of desserts. And this tradition will definitely carry forward to Android Q. There are some expected Desserts name start from Q series,


Let’s see which name is going to take place on Sweet series of Android Versions.


Every time Google comes up with great features, we expecting such features from Android Q as well. That will not just enhance user experience with Mobile Device, but also motivates App Developers to do experiments and develop new applications that enhance the Mobile App Development Sector.

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