How web push notification can help you increase the user engagement and sales.

How Web Push Notification Can Help You

How web push notification can help you increase the user engagement and sales.

Web push notifications are a free way to re-target site visitors. It is somehow similar to the email newsletter but in a more effective way. You will get a better click-through rate and user engagement with push notification compare to newsletters. Web push notifications can be used in many ways similar to mobile push notifications. That is proved best free channel to drive repeat traffic and real-time engagement.

Let’s see where you can utilize the push notification except the new blog post update.

1. New posts

If you are a blogger or using a blog on your business website, you can send an automatic blog post push notification to all the subscribed users. This will give a boost to the newly published content and the post will get the first bunch of readers instantly. People who allow sending push notification are aware of site content type. And willing to receive a similar type of content so the user base will be highly focused with interest in your blog topic.

Along with new posts announcement, you can also promote another blog related content like an ebook. Or to subscribe to your email list. This way you will create a new promotion channel that will double the reach.

2. Promote your app

If you ever visited Shout me loud after subscribing their push notification, you will get a push to download their Android app. If you are getting a good amount of traffic in your blog/website and already has a mobile app, this can be the best way to get free targeted app installs. As the user is subscribed to the push notification and receiving a daily push, they are more likely to install your app.

3. Push notification for eCommerce

As per Pushcrew 21% push notification users are linked to eCommerce sites. and eCommerce websites gets 150%r increase in engagement from users that receiving push notifications. These metrics are huge and you can increase sale by using push notifications along with other ad campaigns for re-targeting users.

There are many different uses of web push for eCommerce sites. You can send notification for fresh arrivals. People like to get things before others and this will excite the early adopters that converted into sale boost.

You can send notification for ongoing offers and deals. users love discount offers and will not resist themselves checking the offer once. Deals that are time-bound gets converted really well with instant push notifications. This way you can create urgency and users will grab it before stock ends or deal runs out.

Not only for services, offers, and deals, you can also utilize the push notifications by offering features for order tracking like users get a push notification when their order gets confirmed, shipped or any other order related status update.

If your users left items in the cart and not placed an order, you can use push notification to send a reminder or ping to complete shopping. An average of 70% of users do not complete the process after adding items into the cart, you can leverage the push notification for re-engaging users and encourage them to complete shopping with some offers.

There are many other ways to utilize the push notification as per your industry and website type. Push notification performs well for re-engaging the website visitors that increase the sale.

Comment below how you are using the web push notifications.

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