Top 5 Web Development Trends of 2019

Web Development Trends

Top 5 Web Development Trends of 2019

Internet becomes a part of our daily life and for one or another we are connected to web technologies. Starting from reading news on mobile to the social media shares and shopping favorite clothes from eBay, the web becomes a part of our life and routine. We are in the new year of 2019 with tons of new trends in IT. Web development remains the center of buzz for new technology development this year.

Let’s take a look at some web development trends for 2019. And how they are turning game changers for web development market.

1. IoT – Internet Of Things

Internet of things

When we imagine the big picture of technology, IoT is the first thing comes to mind. With the expected growth of 31.72% till 2019, IoT has taken web development. With IoT, it is possible to exchange the data and commands by linking smart objects to the internet. You can turn off or on your home lights or A.C. from anywhere in the world using a single app on your mobile. Big tech firms start investing in IoT and start releasing their solutions and services to make life more easy, accessible and connected.

2. Virtual Reality -Best Opportunity for Web Developers

virtual reality

Starting from the Google cardboard to the Google daydream, virtual reality taking a hard space in the development market. Apps and games market now start realizing the VR supported games. All the big players like Google, Facebook, Microsoft are spending big amount behind this technology gadgets to take it to the next level and delivering this concept to the general users.

Virtual reality headsets are no new thing in 2019, but the apps and games supported by this platform are not much and that opens new doors for developers to create compatible games and an emerging market for VR tech.

Facebook’s Oculus Rift or Google’s Daydream they all brought new possibilities to the world of gaming. Mozilla and Google already working on APIs to help virtual reality transition smoothly to the web. And now it is the days when you can take a real estate tour of the place from your home before buying it only possible with VR. This is only one example, there are lots of areas where virtual reality going to impact.

3. Artificial Intelligence -Emerging Trends for Web Development

Artificial inteligence

Let machine to think and take desition like a human. Starting from a simple program to respond to a certain event or input to the use of AI in web technology. AI is creating new opportunities for the developers to start using AI in new ways to better outcomes. Specialty in the web technology, user preferences, and layout can be designed with AI to provide a better user experience on the website like you will get on the signup with The Grid.

4. Static Website Generators

static web designer

It’s a kind of tool that let you generate a website from the plain text, you do not need to code a single line. All the text stored in files instead of databases. You can use Jekyll to create a static site with increased security, speed and ease of development and their handling of traffic surges. But you will miss the user-generated content as there is the absence of a database. No comments on your site that are very important in today’s web world.

5. Angular 2 – Best is Yet to Come

angular 2 by google

Angular 2 released in 2016 with lots of changes or we can say it is completely redesigned. A Component driven architecture where applications are written in TypeScript comes with advantages of JS ES6’s features.

Along with this major release last year, the team also declared a regular update release schedule to deliver updates and improvements with one major update and 3 minor updates every 6 months which mean this popular framework will surely get to see a lot more changes.

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