Uber Car Animation (Clone) For Your Taxi App By Tecocraft

Uber Car Animation

Uber Car Animation (Clone) For Your Taxi App By Tecocraft

Every time when I see some new feature in a mobile application, I always try to figure out how developers must have developed it. Nowadays on-demand apps are in demand because of Uber. Everybody wants Uber-like taxi app or Uber clone app for their business. We are aware of the most popular taxi app like Uber, Ola, Lyft etc.

In all of these apps, we have seen the animation of a car on the maps. In this article, I’m going to share how Uber car animation works & how to create one for your taxi app business.

Let’s see how car animation feature works…

How To Create Uber Car Animation?

Did you ever give attention to Uber’s mobile app elements? Look at the smoothly moving Uber cars. It is so realistic and lives like you are playing video on your screen.

There are many other taxi booking apps like Ola but they don’t give such kind of animation. You will find some car icons placed on the map indicating the available cars near your location. Uber’s car animation on the map is very accurate and smooth moving with some real events like if a car takes a turn or go reverse, you will get animation for that on the map.

Do you own a taxi app or providing taxi booking app solution? Then this thing is for you. You can add this type of animation to your Uber clone app. Click here to get it now.

We found some people asking for the similar Uber car animation as this is one feature hard to design in the user side app. And we thought to give it a try. Here is our car animation demo like Uber. You can implement the same for your taxi app with our code.

Uber car annotation animation demo

Why You Need This Type of Animation In Your Taxi Application?

If you built Uber clone or similar application, you know how much it is difficult to manage live car location updates and reflection on the user’s screen with some notation that updating with moving of car.

No user like to see the black taxi icons placed on the map updating on some interval of time. Instead, you can provide smooth moving taxi cars on the map with live location tracking.

Our animation provides very detailed moving cars with real-time tracking similar to the Uber app.

here is our demo app on play store showing how it works…

google play

Want The Same For Your Application?

Contact us and we will create custom car animation matching your app theme. We can develop a custom app for both the platform Android as well as iOS.

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