Top Ways To Drive Audience Engagement On eCommerce Website

drive audience engagement on eCommerce website

Top Ways To Drive Audience Engagement On eCommerce Website

Audience or traffic is really very important for any website and When it comes to an eCommerce Website. It’s more important.

But something is more important than only traffic or the audience.

That is,

Engagement from the Audience.

If they are not getting engaging with you. Then, it quite very difficult to sell your products to them.

If you want to sell more and more then you have to flow of engagement with them.

Now, the questions are. How can you build engagement with your audience?

So, keep reading this article…

Today, I will share with you 10 Super amazing tips to engage your drive audience:

Ask Them for better engagement

Don’t be King. Because “Customer is the King” and you have listened to him very carefully.

Report Shows, 78% of the customer says they loose trust from the brand because of poor service.

If you don’t want to lose your customer.

Then, always take suggestions, feedback, recommendations and also take care of negative feedback comes from your customers.

Because Your only your loyal customers will tell you your weak points and that’s a great chance to make it correct.

Just don’t try to sell and sell. Listen or find your customer’s problems, need and give them Solutions. They will more likely to be with you and buy your products.

Give Peace of Mind

I’m not talking about Yoga. Your homepage should be appealing like:

  • Free Delivery
  • Money-back Guaranty
  • Fast Delivery
  • Free Returns
  • Show Your Transaction Security Level
  • Testimonials
  • Clients or Customers Feedback

It does not only make your Home or Landing page more effective also built trust with your drive audience.

When They find positive testimonials or feedback from customers. They are more likely to buy or engage with you.

After that, they can fill the inquiry form or join your mail letter and maybe buying your product.

This all will be possible by building trust.

Be Interactive On Social Media

Nowadays, Social media is the Success key for any brand. Report show, Almost 90% of the US companies use for Social Network marketing purposes.

You just have to know, How to leverage it for your business or brand.

Social media not only drive traffic it’s also built trust with the customers.

Interaction on social media is more easy and best.

Social media will be more beneficial to take suggestions or recommendations from your audience.

By using social media, You can appeal your loyal audience to create, User-generated Content (UGC).

UGC is the best to built trust and for increasing engagement.

Offer Coupons And Discounts on eCommerce website

Offering discounts and coupons to your existing customers is a mostly good choice.

By giving discounts, You can not only grow your engagement rate also find growth in your sales.

I know discounting affects your profit. But, By doing Cross-Sell you can be profitable.

Coupons are the best to get targeted traffic. You can list your coupons on famous coupons websites and they will give a potential audience.

Because it’s very simple. If a person is looking for the coupon of any product. That means He wants to buy that product.

Host Giveaway for better purpose 

The audience loves free stuff and When it comes from their favorite brands they more likely to engage with you.

By doing giveaways, You can ask your customers to create Content for you Share your content on their social media handles or subscribe to your email list.

You can take the help of paid social media ads to target a newer engaging audience.

UI/UX Matter to make better interface

It’s really important to know Which Colours, fonts, fonts size, images are good for your Home or landing page.

You should work on your UI/UX to increase the retention time of your audience.

If, The user will press hit on the back. Then it will harm your SERPs ranking.

So, do research on your UI/UX to make it more accurate

If you are getting confused with, How to make a better UI/UX interface? Then, You can take the look of big brand websites and understand it from there. Because they have already done lots of research to improve their UI/UX interface.

Use Chabot’s for customer statisfaction

Chatbot’s market is constantly growing and improved far better than before.

64% of the business said chatbots helps them give more personalized services to their customer. Most of the business are adopting or ready to adopt Chatbots.

Chatbots are available 24/7 for your customers and help you to give customer satisfaction.

Sometimes the user gets frustrated because he didn’t get customer support or get a late reply from support.

There Chatbots help the customer to solve their query to make that customer satisfaction.

Constantly For Feedback And Reviews

This will not only increase the engagement rate of your website or social media. Also, help you build trust for the upcoming audience.

When They find customers’ feedback and testimonials about your product or service.

They will more likely to try and share it with others.

Taking feedback from customers also helps you make your service better.

You should have constantly asked them to forgive their feedback for your brand.

 Build Community or Make Form

Both building community or making formwork very good to increase your engagement rate.

By making community or platform. You provide a space where your customers can talk about your product service.

Can too use your communities or form to inform about your new products to your audience.

You can also share the benefits of your products in the community.

It’s really important to give space to your customers to increase your engagement rate on eCommerce website.

Do One Page Optimization on eCommerce site

Buying, Interaction comes after When your customer browses your website very clearly.

If He/She getting problems during browsing your website like – Content not arranged properly, Navigation is confusing or web open very slowly.

All these things frustrate your customers.

So make sure! You have done you on page Optimization very well to drive audience on eCommerce website


 These are only some tips to increase your e-commerce website engagement rate. You have to be more creative if you want to increase it more. Hope! These tips will help you.

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