Top 5 PHP Framework for Web Development in 2018

Top 5 PHP Framework

Top 5 PHP Framework for Web Development in 2018

As we all know that to build websites and web apps, PHP is a widely used programming language. If you are from non-IT background then let me tell you about PHP and it is a language that has remained a trusted, secure and reliable open-source scripting language for a decade. The language has evolved since its inception. During its initial stages, developers needed to write custom codes for all functionalities so, the solution for that is to use different PHP framework.

PHP framework provides a universal platform for developing websites and apps of various sizes and complexities using the reusable software. In a way, it offers a standard library to its developers for developing websites of their choice and also simplifies their tasks to a great extent providing flexibility of coding. But this is not the only advantage it has to offer. PHP framework offers several other advantages like:

  • Web development becomes speedy with the availability of reusable codes
  • The framework provides greater scalability to web apps
  • PHP sites are build using greater security
  • They follow MVC(Model View Controller) or model view control approach to separate presentation from core logic
  • These frameworks allow the use of modern languages like OOP


A number of PHP framework are available in the market for developers. But it is necessary to choose best PHP framework for a project. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the top 5 PHP framework to choose for web development in 2018. Let’s start…


  1. Laravel

Laravel logo

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that comes with restful routing and innovative features for development as well as it’s MVC architecture and code organization allows rapid development.


  • Laravel is a framework providing application development at a greater speed using an MVC approach
  • It offers a number of packages for development
  • It has introduced routing in web development
  • Unit testing, Blade templating engines, ORM, RESTful controllers, and many other features come in handy with this platform
  • Laravel also handles NoSQL structures like MongoDB and Redis very well


  1. Yii 2

Yii logo

Yii 2 is one of the best and faster PHP framework than other frameworks. If you build a website using Yii 2 then it gives a performance boost to your site. Yii 2 use lazy loading techniques to provides faster performance.


  • Yii 2 is purely object-oriented
  • It integrated with jQuery and comes with a set of AJAX enable feature so it can be easy to use who comes from front-end background
  • It has a powerful class generator called Gii


  1. Phalcon

Phalcon logo

Phalcon framework released in 2012 and it is quickly popular among PHP developer. As name Palcon is as fast as falcon because it is written in C and  C++. The good news about this framework is that you don’t have to learn the C language because it provides PHP classes that are ready to use in any application.


  • Phalcon is MVC based framework that uses few resources compared to other frameworks
  • It is built as C-extension
  • It allows for quickly responding to HTTP requests
  • Phalcon offers features like auto-loading components, ORM, caching and more
  • Phalcon is suitable for building full-fledged web applications and REST APIs
  • It offers support for PHQL and MongoDB


  1. Symphony

Symfony logo

Symphony is a PHP framework and a set of reusable PHP components. Symphony’s aim is to speed up the creation and maintenance of web application as well as to replace repeated coding task.


  • Symphony provides a well documented, high-performance framework that makes it very popular
  • It has been developed by French SensioLabs that calls for a large community of developers
  • Symphony is associating with giants like BBC, Drupal, and eZpublish
  • It has extensive documentation that allows for the stable development of full-fledged web application as well as REST API development


  1. FuelPHP

Fuel logo

FuelPHP is an open source PHP framework and implements HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller). Full-Stack and Flexible are two words that best describe FuelPHP and it has its own authentication mechanism, rich features, and well documentation.


  • FuelPHP is based on MVC architecture that forms a sophisticated, modular, modern and extensible framework
  • It comes with features of template parsing, ORM, authentication, and security
  • Improvements are being made for this framework and it is expected that it will become full object-oriented in the near future



Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several another PHP framework available in the market. It depends on the project requirements and the choice of developers to use any one of them. These include scalability, security, time frame required to complete the project, speed, ease of use, available features, dependencies or hosting.

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What’s your opinion please share your thought in the comment section.

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  • Vikram
    Posted at 09:36h, 06 September Reply

    Wow! great article Dharmik! PHP is a universal web development language. It has many features like code reusability, MVC, etc., I always prefer Laravel which tops in your list. I found it is more secure and user-friendly while compared with remaining frameworks. As you said I also want to stress the line “It all depends on your requirements”. I have never been worked with jii2 and Symfony, but in future, if any requirement arises I have to adapt. So its all up to your requirements.

  • Dharmik
    Posted at 09:58h, 06 September Reply

    Hey Vikram,

    Yes, Laravel is also my favorite framework. Thanks for spotting and commenting.

    Have a great day!

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