The Ultimate Guide of iOS 12 – Features and much more

The Ultimate Guide of iOS 12

The Ultimate Guide of iOS 12 – Features and much more

Every year, world’s popular mobile os Apple iOS becomes more powerful. Every year Apple gives new features in their os. In this year’s WWDC 2018 annual event, Apple unveiled its 12th edition of iOS with some new features and performance improvements.

So, let’s see the features of iOS you need to know about:

Faster and more responsive:

Apple said the performance in iPhone and iPads are faster and responsive because of doubling down. This will available in all the device supported iOS 11. It means apps will launch faster than iOS 11. Apple said approx. apps will launch 40% faster than iOS 11.

Siri shortcuts

New Siri helps users in their personal and professional life. Siri can determine query with the use of powerful Artificial Intelligence(AI). A user can set pre-determined queries to Siri so that it can automatically launch apps. If you want to relax then say “Help me to relax” then Siri can play music for you. When you are late for office than Siri can suggest actions which are quite helpful.

Group FaceTime during a video call

Apple’s favorite video chat app Group FaceTime is now getting an ability to add 32 people into one video call. Apple also integrates FaceTime app into messaging so that during group chat you can convert chat into group video chat. During FaceTime stickers, filters and effects are also supported.

Better notifications

Apple is trying to control the quality of app notifications. If you see a notification, you can press it then decide that whether you want to shows in lock screen or turn it off entirely. Apple’s voice assistant Siri recommend you to turn off notifications for an app that you don’t use. Now, grouped notifications are available so that you can see more from an app or if you don’t want to see then simply do single swipe to dismiss all notifications.

Memoji and Message

Apple said with the use of “Memoji” you can customize your own emoji. Memoji is a 3D version of yourself that can be moved as per your facial expression. This feature is right now supported in iPhone X. You can choose your skin color, hairstyle and hairstyle color, eye color, head shape and much more. In iOS 12 new Animoji coming these include a tiger, a T-Rex, a ghost and a koala.

In the message app, new features added. You can snap pictures of yourself and also add text, background and much more. This will be sent inside the messaging application.

Improvements in Security

Apple introduces some robust security improvements in iOS 12. iOS 12 is available in up to iPhone 5s and iPad Air device first. This feature secure number of devices that will run on the same OS. It will continue getting security patch from Apple. Some security features are described as below…

  • Sharing location data using emergency services: In iPhone user during 911 emergency calls, it allows emergency services to share user location data with use of phone towers, GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Automatic strong password generation: Apple introduce let users generate and store the strong and unique password in iCloud Keychain. This feature will available in all across Apple products.
  • Authentication Enhancements: These features include OTP(One Time Password) that will automatically enter for 2-step verification.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Now, Apple has enabled augmented reality support with the use of ARkit in an iOS device. ARkit allows multi-person support and ability to add AR objects in your messages and mail. Apple has developed a new AR file format called USDZ to help an enterprise to create new solutions with AR. Business verticals now build AR-powered solutions to deliver interactive consumer experiences.

Measure – A new app in iOS

A “measure” is the Apple’s new application that measures the distance between two objects and also measures line along the surface and many more. If you want to check the dimension of something then you can use your phone to check with the use of measure app. It uses AR(Augmented Reality) to measure the objects.


At last, these new features of iOS 12 will helps an enterprise to improve security in their organization. iOS devices have a strong presence and also its every update Apple focus on making it’s OS more secure and powerful for their users.

What’s your opinion for iOS 12 through in comment section?

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