The Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Blogger

The Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Blogger

Social Media has laid its influence upon every single person who uses the internet. People spend most of their day on social networking sites. So, it is one of the best platforms for marketers to promote their business on social media. Many feel that it is very easy to do social media marketing. But, it requires a lot of effort if your goal is not to just post an advertisement on social media but to gain benefit from it too. As everyone is well aware of the perks of social media marketing, they are using it for the promotion of their business. This has created a competitive environment on social media too. If you need to make a profit even from this competitive environment, then you need to put effort into making creative and unique posts. The following are the best social media marketing tips for bloggers.

  1. Identify the best social networking site
  2. Identify your target reader

There are millions of people that use social media actively. Some of them use only very few social media sites, while others use many. You need to identify which social media site you want to target depending on the type of users you want to target. Then, you use that social network for the promotion of your blogs as it is the one that has the potential readers for your blogs.

  1. What is the traffic potential of this social media?

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are observed to convert most users into the readers of blogs. So, you need to determine the traffic your targeted social media is the potential of binging. If you want readers that are some professionals, then you might want to go for LinkedIn for marketing. On the other hand, if you are more focused on the visuals, then go for Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Once you have posted the advertisement there, you can analyze the traffic that social media is bringing to your blog. From this analysis, you can get a clear picture of which social media is boosting the number of readers and which is not doing any significant help. This way, you will know which site to target henceforth.

  1. Automate the process of content sharing

Social media marketing can take a lot of your time. Automation has taken over a lot of fields and the process of advertising has not been left untouched too. Yes, you read it right. Advertising can also be automated. The following tips will walk you through the process of automatic content sharing.

  1. WordPress sharing

Using the Jetpack for WordPress plugin you can add this feature of social sharing in WordPress itself. On the WordPress dashboard, you can go to the left-hand side and hover on the Settings to select Sharing in the secondary pop-out navigation. From there you can connect your blog to your social media accounts. After this, when you start working on a blog, the sharing options will be visible in the top-right corner. Select the checkboxes of the social media sites on which you want the post about your blog and your job will be done. Now, you will not have to manually write a post for each of your social media handles. The title and link to your blog will be posted automatically.

  1. Buffer

By using the free version of Buffer, you can schedule up to ten posts on different social media sites. So, set up your profiles by linking them with Buffer and then prepare a schedule on Buffer about the posts you want to be done automatically. You will be allowed to add up to ten items in the queue. So, you can add five days a week. This way you will have work scheduled for two weeks. People don’t use the internet on weekends as much as they do on the weekdays. So, it is not going to help you to put ads on weekends. Keep this in mind while you prepare the schedule for automatic social media marketing using Buffer or even any other tool. You also need to take care of the time of posting. Look for the busiest times on social media and try to schedule your posts during that period to get maximum benefit. Well, you can have the assistance of Follwerwonk for this. It will look for the time when most of your social media followers are active and suggest that time for scheduling your post. The best way to advertise is by posting the same advertisement at five different times of the day, but with a different title. This way your ad will reach most of the followers and the content will also appear unique every time. By using different titles every time you will also get to analyze how each title is performing and based on that you can work on the titles of the next day. With the premium version of Buffer, you can avail of many other features too along with being able to queue more posts.

  • it

It is a similar tool for automatic posts on social media handles. You can link 3 profiles to and schedule 5 posts at a time.

Using this method you can not only share the posts for your blog but also other blogs too. This way you can do them a favor and in return, they will do the same for you too.

  1. Repost

When you write hundreds of blogs, it is not necessary that all of them will get the desired traffic. You can use the repost technique for such blogs. Keep advertising them time and again on social media and other mediums to give such posts a chance to do well.

  1. Identify the blogs that require re-advertisements

Go to your WordPress dashboard and find a list of your blogs. There will be 20 posts shown at a time. Identify the blogs you want to repost the advertisements for on social media. Open Buffer in a new tab.

  1. Give new titles

Now that you have identified the blogs that require reposts, you need to decide on new titles. The blog did not do well the previous time. So, there can be some problems with the old title. So, change the title to something more interesting and catchy to lure readers.

  • Use Buffer

Add the new titles in Buffer and prepare a schedule for the reposts. This way you can share the old posts using new tweets.

You can do this reposting with WordPress plugins as well. Apart from these, there are many other tools too that will let you achieve this goal of reposting.

  1. Share a snippet of your blog content

Everyone shares the title of their blog and provides a link back to their blog too. This is a very common technique of promoting blogs as well as increasing traffic on the blog site. Instead, you can share a snippet of your blog in the advertisement post and not provide a link right there. By doing so, you are promoting your blog content in a very subtle way. People will find it a change and the snippet can potentially take them to the blog. You can schedule the posts with the snippets using Buffer too. Try to select such a snippet from your log for the post that it will interest the readers and that it also has the potential of bringing the readers to the actual blog.

  1. Hashtags

A hashtag is one of the most effective ways of promoting your blog. Try to add such hashtags to the post that you can include the meta-titles. This way the readers will get a gist right there and can decide whether they want to read more on these lines. So, identify the hashtags that are relevant to your blog and are catchy at the same time too. Use to find popular hashtags on the internet. Do not bombard the posts with tens of hashtags as it would make the post look boring. If you feel like there have to be more hashtags than say three, then try to divide them into two or more posts.

  1. How to promote your blogs on Facebook?

You have already scheduled your posts for Facebook on Buffer. Now, make sure that you share this post will groups that have an interest in your content. Then, you can directly message your connections to share this post further so that it can reach to their connections. This way the outreach increases and the post can be seen by more people. Ask them to comment on your original post to start a conversation which will then be joined by many; those who are directly connected to you as well as those who are connected to your connections i.e. your second connections. There are some special groups on Facebook too. You have to share your post in the group and the other members will share the posts further.

  1. How to promote your blogs on Twitter?

Share a post about your content on twitter. Look for users who are interested in the content that is similar to what you have posted. Reply to them to get in their eyes. Now, directly message them in personal requesting about sharing your content on their wall. Ask other people who have shared your content in the past to do so even this time. This way you can reach a larger audience than just your followers. It is not necessary that you post similar kinds of ads every time. So, create lists specific to the type of content in the blog and message people from the list as per the type of the blog only. This way you will not bother uninterested people unnecessarily and maintain good relations with them. You can update the lists as and when you find new people for them.

  1. How to promote your blogs on LinkedIn?

Share your posts with relevant groups on LinkedIn. Some of the members will share the post on their wall if they find it interesting, while some might like or comment on your post. Either way, it is reaching their connections and your job is being done. You can also send direct messages to your connections asking them to share your post on their wall. But make sure that you keep a friendly tone and keep doing them some favored time and again to not let the connection break.

  1. Viral Content Buzz at help

Viral Content Buzz is a free service that gives a boost to your social media marketing. There is a group of people who will share your post on social media and promote your blog. As a member of the group, you can also share others’ content. By sharing you can build some credit which can later be used in sharing your posts.

Social Media Marketing is nothing less than art. You need to be a creative artist to make the most out of this art form and benefit your blogging website. You can share only links, only partial content from the blog or a combination of both in different styles. Use these techniques to build traffic on your blogs from social media. These are some of the best social media marketing tips for bloggers.

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