Terms and Conditions



Any accidental, typographical or other errors in Sales literature, project quotation, price list, acceptance of project offer/deal, invoice or other document or information issued by the Tecocraft, advertisement statements shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of the Tecocraft.


The specification for the deliverables shall be those set out in the prior documentation before the commencement of project/deal. Tecocraft reserves all the rights to make changes in the specification documents which will be notified to the engaged client/party for that particular project/deal and changes should be applied of and after the time it made.




Payment terms and conditions shall be agreed before and on signing the contract between the Tecocraft and the client getting engaged for any service/project deal. Subject to any special terms agreed in writing or published on the website of Tecocraft. We shall invoice the client for the net sum due to the deliverables on or at any time after the dispatched of the project to clients.


Clients need to make the payments as agreed in the contract document’s stated terms or within seven permitted days as applicable considering Tecocraft’s in-general contract terms that are declared and mentioned over here on this page. Payments may take the pursuing work on the respective tasks.


Reminding of the dates as notices will not be a responsibility of Tecocraft/company staff assigned for project/work and hence the engaged client shall take the sole responsibility of contract terms while finding the assistance from the firm Tecocraft in asked matters.




All deliverables and services in form of code or product by Tecocraft are intangible goods that are digitally delivered, therefore, we follow a strict refund policy on agreed terms, depending upon the type of project or engagement.


All the custom development project works won’t have any refund policies and hence clients are requested to read all documents and formal agreement documents well before getting engaged for services as Tecocraft will not handle any refund for work/project falls in this category.


Apart from development services any other services don’t have any refund policies and on that services service charges are applicable upon assigning of contract. Any unavoidable changes required to this policy should be permitted under changes discussing with Tecocraft before getting engaged for that specific service.


Third party services we use in the project needs to be paid/renew by the client like third-party wallet integration, SMS services, and gateways or other plugins used.


Any disagreement or detainment of payment after the agreement is signed and agreed may turn to a cancellation of the project in any nature of services included as decided by the Tecocraft. Upon cancellation, Tecocraft will be responsible to deliver the work that is already paid for.


We understand that exceptional circumstance may occur due to the services we provide. So make sure to aware with our Refund Policy before you order any services that we offer to avoid dissatisfaction after the purchase.

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