Tech update -build iOS and Android apps with javascript

React Native

Tech update -build iOS and Android apps with javascript

React native Рbuild native mobile applications using  Javascript


apps using javascript

React native – technology flow from the web to native.

React native is the platform providing facility of letting you create mobile applications for Android, iOS or Windows using javascript. You can use one set of skill for the web and mobile development. We have already seen some other platform that provides the development of mobile apps using Javascript and CSS like PhoneGap and Titanium. Different from PhoneGap and Titanium which let you bind the web content in web view and don’t have a native feel to the app, the react native uses javascript components with native ios or android components so the app you build is fully native.

You can find some examples of games and apps built with native react on GitHub. You can try that code by setting up the native react on your machine and see how things exactly working. It is the best way to analyze how elements are interacting and code working.

If you are a web developer and want to learn something new but not hard Android or iOS platforms then native react can be the best option. Start installing the basic setup and build a hello world app. Native react is by facebook and it is far better than other similar platforms like phone gap and titanium as said by many developers. You can learn the simple structure of code and start building native apps. yes, definitely it is not as powerful as native apps built with Android Studio or iOS but still, it can be a useful tool or framework for many of us.

React native is something new from mobile application development. Did you get any news related to mobile application development and design? share with us in comments below.

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