Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

When taking your business online website is the essential thing you will need to publish. For publishing website or page online on the internet, you will need a domain and web space. you can register a domain for a year or longer from registrars and it is renewable stuff. The domain is the address from where people will access your website or online resources.

Web space is the storage connected with internet accessible 24 hours from unique address. you can upload your website or any other data on web space and any users can access it from the domain, simply.

Web space is known as hosting. There are many hosting providers that give you space on their hardware servers virtually and you will be paying as per your usage plan. You will need a good reliable hosting for better uptime and performance.

So now I guess you got the basic idea about the domain and hosting, now when you will turn to the hosting provider’s website’s you will find some different plans like shared, dedicated and the latest cloud hosting plans. They all designed for different performance and usage varying with storage capacity and storage & access to data.


Let’s see 3 different hosting, which is suitable for your business:


  1. Shared hosting:

It is the most common type of hosting used by webmasters. If you just started in web building or working on your first website, this hosting is for you. In shared hosting, there is one hardware server allocated to some fixed number of people. So you will get a small part of storage from a huge storage drive as per your hosting plan. This is enough for normal traffic blog/website. It will give you all the features at very lower cost so you can start with this hosting. However, as there are many websites running on the same server, you will get some limited server-side access and other websites on your server can affect your website’s load speed and performance. You will not able to get any dedicated IP and need to work shared IP.


  1. Dedicated hosting:

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting gives you dedicated server hardware for use limited to you only. This gives you more controls over the environment with dedicated IP and server space. You can easily customize installed OS or other versions as per your needs. You will also get root level access to your hardware for any programming trick you want to perform. As your website or data is only hosted on this server, you will get better reliability and performance without interfering with other websites. You will be enjoying full speed and resources at the optimum level. With these all perks, it brings high cost. Dedicated hosting plans are generally not cheap as shared hosting. If your requirements are required high performance, you should go with the dedicated server.


  1. Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is the virtual cloud-based environment where a number of servers are grouped together providing faster transfer of data. Cloud hosting is tunned for optimal output, provided by on-demand basis and you are paying as per your usage. The service is a bit costly but highly reliable for business or enterprise level application hosting.


Just started with web hosting? let’s discuss how we can help you establish your business’s online presence. Let’s discuss.

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