SEO Trend 2020: How To Get Higher Rank In Google Search

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SEO Trend 2020: How To Get Higher Rank In Google Search

SEO is a very deep field. There is no exact Strategy to rank over competitors.

There is only one thing is the king that is “Content”.

Personally, “I love SEO”.

Because SEO is a kind of interesting and exciting field.

In SEO, You have to constantly have to do an experiment to find, How I can rank over my competitors.

If you want to get in the search results. Then, You have to consistently work on SEO and for best result focus on SEO trends to get rank easily.

Before sharing with you any tips, concepts or strategies about SEO.

Let’s talk about further about SEO :

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the traffic of websites or videos by On Page and OFF Page optimization as per the search engines.

Let break down it more:

SEO is not a quick result formula. The first thing it takes time. No idea! How to time it will take to show its results.

SEO is not only applicable to the Google search engine.

SEO is a term that you have to use according to the different search engines and their algorithms.

Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Yandex. They all also search engines and all have their own different algorithms.

You have to do SEO according to their algorithms.

In this article, I will mostly share concepts about Google search engine Optimization. How you optimize your website and rank it on the Google search results?

Let’s take a look at SEO trend of 2020 to must be considered for better Optimization of your web page as per google search engine.

Voice Search biggest SEO trend

Voice search has been spread all over the world very fast. Instead of typing, people are more likely to go with voice searches.

Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon ECHO, Alexa all these are working on voice search.

Now, What you can do for voice search optimization?

You have to optimize your Web or blog for voice search.

You have to understand, How your Content can be searched by the audience.

Example of Normal Content – Best Smartphone 2019.

Example of Voice Search optimized Content – Which is the best smartphone to buy in 2019.

You can notice the difference between both examples.

Optimization With Visuals

Visuals not only increase your user’s retention on your website but also increase user experience.

Even Pinterest CEO said in a statement, “Future searches will be done with help of images instead of texts”.

Don’t forget about the Google lens. The report says Google Lens has been used by 1 Billion times.

Actually visual search is more helpful to find out about the specific buildings, Recipes, Shopping, etc.

Now, How can you optimize for visuals?

Basics are used a proper title and alt tags of your visuals. Very important!

Don’t over keyword stuffing inside the images Alt tags. Sprinkle LSI keywords in images Alt tags.

Put the title of every image don’t leave it as default.

Improve UI/UX

UI/UX of your website can highly affect your website ranking in the search engine.

The report says, Better UI/UX can boost your website conversions rate up to 400%.

Use A/B testing to find out, where your customers are getting stuck.

Use of proper, Call – To – Action Button, Proper fonts, Fonts Size, Theme, Header, Footer all these things come under the UI/UX design.

You have to improve it grab your audience retention time and When google finds people’s are staying more on your website rather than your competitor’s website.

They will automatically boost your ranking. Because this thing sent a message to Google, this website has that Content which audience is looking for.

This comes under the Google Rankbrain Algorithm.

Optimize Website Speed

People don’t have time to wait until your website open.

They want quick, Very fast.

Even stats show, 1 second delay can reduce your 11% page views and 16% customer satisfaction.

Bad website harms you a lot:

1. Decrease Conversions Rate

2. Increase Bounce Rate

3. Decrease SERP’s ranking

4. Bad Customer Feedback

Now, How to fix the low-speed website into a better or high-speed website?

Use jpg images for your blog instead of using png images.

Remove unusual codes from your website.

Embed Video links, not Videos.

Choose the best hosting service provider. Don’t go very cheap.

Use CDN networks to increase your website performance.

Compress images before uploading them on your blog or website.

Don’t use too much heavy theme or unnecessary plugins.

Mobile SEO Important

Report Shows, Every Third person in the world have a smartphone and the number of a user is expected to 2.87 Billion USD by 2020.

Now, You can see himself. How big opportunity is there?

You just have to grab it!

For it, You have to optimize your website or blog for Mobile SEO.

User is more active on mobiles as compared to desktop.

Now, How you can do Mobile SEO optimization?

Update your old website or make a new website and it should be mobile-friendly according to SEO trend 2020.

On CMS like WordPress get easier to make a mobile-friendly website. Because they already have lots of customized Mobile and Desktop SEO friendly themes.

Come With Some Multi-Media

Google wants to give more relevant and accurate information to its users.

You have accurate and relevant information and also want to share it with others.

But, You are not getting in the search results.

Let me help you:

How Multi-Media can help you to get Google ranking?

Multi-Media can work for you as a competitive advantage.

Question is – How?

Then read this…..

You are not ranking in the top 5 results. It’s Fine!

Now, Analyse the top 5 results and find out their mistakes.

For example Like – Low Visuals Quality, Low Video Quality, Not Any Podcast Added in the blog, Voice is not clear in Video or Podcast, Low-Quality Video Editing, etc.

They will do mistakes, You will get the opportunity to make it better.

Audience wants everything but not anything”. Mark this line!

Use high-Quality Multi-Media and attract more customers or audiences towards you.

Conclusion: SEO is very important for your website. You can rank by using paid ads. But You can’t get that much potential customer Which you get from organic search. So, focus on the above SEO trend and increase your organic growth.

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