Guard Tour System Development

Guardshield is the guard tour system by Tecocraft providing you a perfect security suite for your security guard company. It is the mobile app based solution with admin monitoring dashboard managed and synced online to keep track of the on-duty security guards. Our app consists of features that let you handle your guard team that includes attendance management, guard rout tracking, guard checkpoint tracking and incidence reporting name a few. Implementing the latest NFC and GPS to provide highly accurate reporting and real-time reporting.

Guard tour tracking app suite

Get the overall control of your guard security services with our tour monitoring and reporting app suite that let you monitor the on-duty guard team from the different levels of admin accesses.


Our system consists of 2 main modules that are guard tour app and admin dashboard. You can assign different admin rights to give monitoring access to your managers or clients.

guard tour system screen

Guard tour patrol system features

Attendance management

Guards can easily register daily attendance directly from the app. The data can be accessed anytime from the attendance reports on the admin dashboard.

Patrol tracking

Admin, client or manager can track the patrolling guard’s movements from anywhere live. We use GPS for accurate location tracking of guards.


With this module, admin can make an announcement of notes to all the guards in a group or to any particular one and able to communicate with the guards using chat feature.

Checkpoint tracking

Admin can track the on-duty security guard's checkpoint with using live GPS which includes the report of guard's entrance and exit.

SOS button

In the emergency time, a single-tap help button will alert all the on-duty guards about the situation.

Incidence reporting

During patrolling, guards can report any incidents on-the-go from the in-app incidence reporting feature.


Technology choices for guard checkpoint tracking

You can select any technology out of three shown below as tech implementation for security guard checkpoint tracking. We can integrate NFC, Beacon or Barcode for checkpoint tracking and develop the mobile app accordingly. You will need a specific feature in mobile for each technology so you can select one as per your hardware availability and needs. NFC needs NFC enabled mobile together data from NFC tag, Beacon works on Bluetooth. Most of the smartphones have a Bluetooth receiver so it can be a better alternative to NFC.


NFC tag





Security guard tour app system video demo

You will get some idea how our guard tour monitoring system work on the demo video where we demonstrated our guard tour system’s admin dashboard and client & guard side mobile app features. You can select NFC, barcode or Beacon as the checkpoint technology. We added GPS location latitude and longitude along with the checkpoint data to make it more accurate and reliable.

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Attendance Management

In our Guard tour system, guards can easily register daily attendance directly from the app by login with id and password on assigned location. The data can be accessed anytime from the attendance reports on the admin dashboard. A client can access the attendance data from the client side login into the mobile app. Guard is also able to check his work attendance history from the app.

Incidence Reporting

During patrolling, guards can report any incidents on the go from the in-app incidence-reporting feature. This can be any on-duty un-wanted activity that guard want to report. Client and admin both able to check the list of incidences reported on any particular date from their different login dashboards in Guard tour system. This incidence list can be included in custom monthly reports.

Checkpoint Tracking

With help of NFC/beacon/barcode technology, checkpoint tracking with a timestamp can be possible. Guard need to scan or perform the activity on each checkpoint like scanning the barcode or stamping to NFC tag by going to each point physically. Each time guard scans the code or stamps the NFC tag, checkpoint data with time stamp will submit to the server.


Admin can make an announcement or send notes to all the guards in group broadcast or to any particular one and able to communicate with the guards using the chat feature. Clients also able to chat with any on-duty guard from in-built mobile app feature.

SOS Button

SOS button is provided in the mobile app so any on-duty guard can send SOS emergency situation request to the control board and appropriate action can be taken. SOS request history can be checked by client and admin from their panels.


Guards are able to make log off activity with multimedia like directly click the picture from the mobile and make a log off incidence.

Update your guard security system

In the digital time, if you are still following the traditional system of reporting without any technology in use, you are already losing the clients. Industry leaders in security market already moved to the online tracking and reporting software to keep track of each movement of a security guard and now clients also asking for such accurate results.


Using the latest gadgets and system you can win your client’s trust in providing security with trackable reporting and control. Our security guard checkpoint system will run on normal daily-used devices like guard’s mobile phones and you can monitor and handle from a normal computer and internet connection. So you do not need to invest in fancy gadgets and still, you will able to get each movement and activity under control.

White label

We provide complete White label guard tour tracking system that comes with your brand, your logo and in your language. You will hold the usage rights of our security suite with a single agency user license.


You will have full control over the features to be included along with the app design and layouts. We will craft the high-performance user-friendly app specially for your agency that includes the color scheme and custom features you want in your app suite.


The license of usage will be of the lifetime for one agency. You will get a fully custom software suite with 3 months of free maintenance service.

Monthly subscription

If you don’t want to purchase the full licensed of white label code, we provide our security suite at monthly usage where you can use our security guard tour system –GuardShield that includes all the features with latest updates.


In subscription plans, we take care of everything including the latest updates of software and features so you can focus on other important works. You will get all the benefits of a security guard tour system on monthly fixed charges.


The agency needs to renew the license for limited months of software usage. We will provide admin dashboard access and mobile apps hosted on our servers.

Select the best for your security agency

  • Android Suit

    • Admin console
    • Client/Guard side android app
    • Multi-language support
    • Custom Color themes
    • White label
    • Free installation
    • 3 months free support

  • iOS Suite

    • Admin console
    • Client/Guard side iOS app
    • Multi-language support
    • Custom Color themes
    • White label
    • Free installation
    • 3 months free support

  • Android + iOS Suite

    • Admin console
    • Android + iOS apps
    • Multi-language support
    • Custom Color themes
    • White label
    • Free installation
    • 3 months free support


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