Why your security firm needs a better tour tracking software? and how to get one.

Why your security firm needs a better tour tracking software? and how to get one.

Why your security firm needs a better tour tracking software? and how to get one.

The days are gone when guard tour companies totally depended on the trust of security guards on the duty and the requirements are changed with the time. Now people want more control over the security they are providing and clients want more solid tracks and numbers on which they are spending. It becomes necessary to adopt the new tracking and reporting techniques and gadgets to stay updated with trends.

Guard tour system is one of the best tool to properly manage and track the on-duty guard shifts and to collect data. The system helps companies to manage everything from the admin panel sitting in the office where the guards are sending data and reporting each moment happening on the duty time with gadgets.

There are many GPS trackers and gadgets available on the market that let you track the movement of guards and attendance management but it is not sufficient to cop up. And sometimes it also becomes vulnerable and not providing enough data to produce the reports.

And there is the new updated tour tracking software comes in the scene which let you manage everything very easily with high-quality accurate data reporting.

Benefits of Guard Tour Tracking Software:

The first benefit is you can run this software on any normal computer for admin panel and in guard side, there is one smartphone app that let guard send the data. The smartphone has an inbuilt GPS system, Bluetooth system and NFC chips that are used in checkpoint tracking and beacon connection with GPS mapping. Means you do not need to buy any separate devices for this system to run.

Technology That Can Be Used:

You can choose over the NFC or beacon for checkpoint tracking.


nfc chip

NFC is the small chip that passes the stored value to the receiver when the receiver (in our case, guard’s mobile) come closer to the chip. So each time guard needs to go to each checkpoint and touch the smartphone to that NFC chip to mark the point. The mobile app receives the value of that chip and adds an entry with the time stamp.

Here an issue with NFC is that not all the mobile phones come with inbuilt NFC cheap. So you need to provide the NFC contained smartphones to guard that can bring a big cost to the system. But here is the solution. Use beacon instead of NFC.



Beacon is a small device that continuously transmits the radio signals that can be received by any smartphone with Bluetooth. Now as almost all the smartphone gets this functionality of Bluetooth, this can be a great solution for NFC.

How the Admin Panel or Dashboard Works?

Duty managers or admin will get the desktop-based web app or dashboard that let you track everything with live tracking of each on-duty guard’s. Admin can assign different access to different level of managers and clients of the system. Some of the main features are…

Communication: admin can directly communicate with any guard from the admin dashboard via chat message and also can broadcast any notes or urgent messages to all the connected on-duty guards.

GPS Location Tracking: admin can see the live location of each member on the screen using GPS tracking. Each member’s location can be tracked from the main dashboard.

SOS: SOS button can alert all the guards of any incidence or emergency situation.

Attendance Management and Custom Reports: admin can get custom reports on each day. Daily data will be stored on the server and admin and client can access any particular day’s data with some filters and sorting that made custom report building very easy. We are not going to discuss all the features. you can check here more on the tour tracking software product page.

So this is the checkpoint tracking system or tour tracking software. Tecocraft also provides similar custom built software for security agencies. If you are one of them and want your white label security software with your company name and logo, we can build one for you. As many software comes with a limited time license, we offer a lifetime use license with your company’s logo and brand name. So it will be totally yours and at the very reasonable cost.

Contact us for more details and ongoing offers on the security guard management system.

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