Earn More with Rewarded Video Ads

Earn More with Rewarded Video Ads

Earn More with Rewarded Video Ads

Each app launched with some earning channel that rewards the developers. Some developers don’t use ads and provide paid access to the app and some provide free apps with in-app ads. This depends on the type of ads and targeted audience.

If you are publishing mobile apps & games and using in-app ads for a revenue generation. Here is something new for you to watch out that may help you earn more.

Rewarded Video Ads.

rewarded video ads in angry bird

Rewarded video ads are the ad format a bit different from video-wall ads where users get rewarded for watching or interacting with ads. If you are developing mobile games then this can be a better option for monetization. Interstitial ads and full-screen walls irritate users while the gameplay and discourage users to leave your app.

Rewarded video ads are the ad format where users will opt-in to watch a small duration ad video and get rewarded on completion with some coins or gold in the game that can be used in-app only purchases. Simple!

You can set game flow for this type of video ads monetization at the end of a level or when a player dies in the game where they get one option to watch the ad and continue playing or get one more life.

High CPM rates:

You will get slightly high CPM rates with rewarded video ads where users can’t skip the ad and need to watch full ad. As users are getting some value after the ad watch, they will interact with ad and advertisers will get more engagement. And in that case, advertisers will pay high and developers will earn a little more.

Google’s monetization platform AdMob also provides similar ads service with mediation platform where you can include other third-party supported platform’s video ads in your app via the AdMob integration.

You also able to manage the ads serving with AdMob like default ads, high priority ads and similar. This format is best working for games compare to apps as users will more likely to try it for some coins or hints in the app.

Here is Google’s video how you can implement rewarded video ads in your game.

You can learn how to implement rewarded videos ads here.

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