Real time Web Apps

Real-Time Web Apps

After smartphone entered the market, a big number of users shifted their internet user needs to the mobile browser from PC. Even Google also started focusing on mobile-friendly websites as it is the future of the web. people like each and everything on their fingertips and Google becomes handy for day to day life to each almost anything/information. After the rise of smartphones, it becomes more comfortable to browse the internet on the small screen.


But with increased use of mobile devices, it brings some issues that are noticeable. it includes the small memory and small device RAM capacity. in the mobile market, you will need mobile apps for different requirements but Users can’t keep separate apps for every other task. this means users can’t keep too many apps on the mobile. here is space where the real-time app comes into action.


User’s preference is not predictable and you cant use the same app on different devices like mobile tablet and PC. the real-time web is the concept where you get the same features with live updated data on any device using the browser. And so many organizations have adopted this way of offering real-time web app instead of creating native apps for a different type of device.


Real-time web provides instant information update as it generated. you can get reliable instant access to the information instantly on your screen.

Web apps are suitable for many industries including finance, sports, gaming, social media, education, healthcare, and eCommerce.

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    Benefits of real-Time web apps

    No Need Download

    No need to download the app and instant access to resource and services.

    Do Not Need Organizations

    Organizations do not need to develop different apps for a different type of devices.

    Do Not Need Update

    You do not need to update your web app for different versions and upgrades to mobile device technology and mobile OS.

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