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We have built real-time dashboards for cryptocurrency websites, Analytics, social media tracking, and many other industries.

Data plays important roles in business decisions by providing clear insights into a user’s behavior and market values in exact numbers. All the businesses collect customer data in one or another way that are later processed for meaningful information.


Management of this all data and keeping track of them is a crucial task and if not managed appropriately, it can be a falling part of the business in future.


You can collection tons of data from your clients in many different ways that include the latest sales reports, website visitors data from different product pages, social media promotion campaign data and more. if you do not have an efficient tool to manage that all data and display in a meaningful way, all the data is useless. Excel sheets filled with data cells is not going to work.


We develop a real-time dashboard that helps you easily analyze the gathered data. Software processes the data and shows it to you and your members in different charts and give you the sorting option for easy accessibility.

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    Important Aspects of Real-Time Dashboards



    The real-time dashboard provides powerful analytics insights of all the in and out of your company. You will get clear digits of all the ongoing campaigns and its results on the same screen displayed with charts and graphs so you can digest it easily.



    Sales are very important department you need to monitor constantly. With collected data from sales on a real-time basis, it becomes easy to get a clear picture of the present situation.



    Each marketing campaigns and events are notified real time on the dashboard.



    Monitor the details of your company's infrastructure, from emergency alarms to environmental sensors and other equipment in your data center live on the dashboard with seamless integration.


    Help and Support

    Get everything on the same screen - includes your support desk. Finding the bottleneck of an issue and resolving it becomes easy with dashboard synced with your chat support client/tool.

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