Quality assurance
Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Tecocraft offers QA services to bring perfection each project we are working on. we provide various type of quality assurance testing for mobile & web based applications.

We have expert testing team filled with experienced Developers cum testers to bring you the quality testing for your upcoming product success.
make your product error free and tested in every possible situation it will be going to face. get ready your app for the market.

☛ Funcltional testing:

it is used or checking whether the coded product meets the desired features and functional requirements as stated in the development documentation. you will get the exact match of your idea how you needs your product to be with the ability and specifications you want.

☛ Stress testing:

Stress testing will help determine the ability of the website or application to remain stable under stressful conditions like high traffic, peak usage, and simultaneous downloads or uploads.

☛ Usability testing:

this method involves the actual user in testing. In this testing, we collect the feedback of real targeted users about how well they can utilize the functionality of the product or the system.

☛ Compatibility testing:

Compatibility testing is used to check the software consistency with a set of hardware and software, on each operating system and network environments.

☛ User interface testing:

User interface testing is dome to ensure that the interface meets requirements of the users and user reacts positively by interacting with the system. It aims to make the product easy to use for user by means of various icons, signs and prompts that
help to work with the system.

☛ Unit testing:

Unit testing is the way to ensure the correct behavior of each component of the source code before the system integration.

“Achieve high-quality product with our Quality Assurance services.”