Best E-Commerce Tips You’ll Need to Promote Your Online Store

promoting your eCommerce business

Best E-Commerce Tips You’ll Need to Promote Your Online Store

Irrespective of the duration you have been in the market, you will be required to put constant efforts to improve your conversion rate. This is not to see growth in your previous conversion rates only, but to see that it is more than that of your competitors’. The market has always followed the sole strategy – ‘Survival of the fittest’.

Let us look at some of the best tips that you will need to promote your online store.

Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing social media sites. It has more than 500 million active users daily. This number would include consumers, influencers, brands, etc. So, by using compelling photographs and relevant captions, and hashtags, you will be able to reach a larger audience than you ever did before. You might as well run some contests there and engage with the audience in a more connected manner. This will boost your conversion rate. Moreover, you can also add the products in your Instagram posts and stories by providing a link that takes the user to your online store.

Apart from this, you should also indulge in practicing social listening. Observe how users interact; their comments, discussions, likes, etc. This will guide you in composing the posts in the future.

  • E-Mail Campaigning

Having a large number of subscribers for e-mail service is not going to suffice. The number will go south if the users are not kept engaged. For maintaining connection, the users should be provided with timely information through mails about the updates on the online store. Send more mails during holidays as people are more likely to check the link attached in the mail. However, do not spam their inbox with numerous mails. They can unsubscribe out of annoyance. Importantly, send at a specific time of the day when they are free and fresh too. Mondays would not be a good choice and so would not be Friday evenings. Apart from time, you should also take care of the keywords to use in the mail. They should be catchy and luring.

  • Personalization is a strategy

Everything is available to everyone. To stand out, you can use personalization to form a more intimate connection with your customers. To begin with, instead of sending plain emails/texts, augment the name of the users in the mail with amicable salutation. Additionally, suggest them products based on their interests which can be jotted down from their search history. Such small efforts would make them feel special. E-mail them reminders about items they have wishlisted or put in the cart but not purchased for that matter. There should be links to your online store in each of these messages. You can even articulate the messages in users’ native languages. This will make the message more personal and the impact will be fairly seen in your sales.

  • Native Advertisements

The ads should be placed on the websites in raw form so that it blends in with the content and doesn’t look an outsider. For doing so, you can engage with a publisher or website and study the keywords they use in their blogs. This can positively impact your online store’s sales. Moreover, such ads do not feel like they have been pushed and they still promote your business.

  • Google Shopping Ads

Google Paid Campaign is one of the most effective ways of reaching the customers with the ideal product suggestions for them based on their searches. For example, if someone searches for ‘best sports shoes’, and then Google shows them a list of online stores that sell sports shoes. This is a very complex algorithm and you need a lot more optimizations on your website to make a place among the top entries of this list. People, instead of looking for products on particular online stores, prefer to search directly on Google to get a choice. Having learnt this, many marketers invest in Google Ads.

  • SEO Strategy

There are many online stores on the internet and some of them have been known to rule in the market – say Amazon. Its success has encouraged many to open new online stores. To be found on the internet in such a large crowd is very difficult. Hence, you have to adopt the SEO strategy. Follow the SEO standards and find a place at the top positions of search results. Remember, if you are not one the first page of the search result, it will be very difficult to carry on with the business. Hardly would any user prefer to iterate through other pages of the search result. Use appropriate keywords, place the elements properly, give proper and trendy meta-tags.

  • Blogs and Influencers

Blogs are very efficient in reaching potential customers. Many brands use blogs to assert their position as a leader in the market. You can prepare the blog either on your own, or you can take the help of some other company that engages in such work. Moreover, you can post them on your websites and social media sites as well as take help from the influencers. The influencers, as they already have popularity, will be able to make your blog or ad reach a larger audience. The more the people seeing your ad better would be the conversion rate.

  • Visuals for everyone

There are so many ways that people can see your business. The package, in which you deliver the orders, should promote your product as well as your online store. Many eCommerce businesses have already adopted this tactic and they see its benefits too. So, you should do the same too to not let yourself drift away from the competition. People can see your ad on the packages while they are walking in the street, sitting in a friend’s house, pictures on social media posted by their friend upon receiving the order, etc. As they have seen the product purchased by someone they have a relation with, they will trust the quality more and perhaps end up buying it too.


These are only some of the tips for promoting your eCommerce business. You can do much more like running a loyalty program, gain customers from others’ positive reviews, remarketing, generating content faster and more efficiently, etc. So, use these eCommerce tips and promote your online eCommerce store.

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