Low6 is a Sports and Gambling Company. They provide online betting experience for Football and Horse racing.

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The Challenge

To develop and design a mobile application for a specific region of people and sometimes it becomes challenging for companies. Low6 reached out to us to design a new Android and for a some of the iOS app bug fixing and adding a new features that is for a limited audience in around the UK to provide a unique point-based game that offers fun to the game player.
Connect users via weekly event, and track the bet and check the match score while making it user-friendly for their customers.
The major challenge for us was a face lock, real-time data update for a game wise score.

The Solution

We worked closely with the team of a Low6 to create a feature-packed, digitally transformative, eye-catching UI experience for an Android app and to build a new delightful experience that supported their new business strategy and funneled their audience to the right solution. We have followed MVRX structure for code in android app which is developed using a Kotlin and it supports multiple Android devices.

Our Working Process


Project Scope

The purpose of the Low6 application is to give game lovers a completely new feel of betting at a one-touch. This application is free so, users can download it from Google Play Store and Login it. After the login user can pick an event option which for a two-category as below:



Pick an event and make 6 selections and substitution and simply place your bet for only £3

Horse Racing


Select up to 2 horses in the 6 races you are presented with – the horses score that will count toward your low6 score is the horse with the lowest points finishes in that race.

App Features


Check New Event


User can place a bet and track it


LeaderBoard: To compare your score with others


Easy Login & Registration


We’re thrilled with how this came out and excited for our partners at Low6 as they continue to move forward in this exciting journey.

Let’s work together and Craft exceptional experiences.

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