3 Startups Vying to Become the next Uber for X

Uber For x

3 Startups Vying to Become the next Uber for X

On-demand taxi is no new concept as we all familiar with Uber. Starting from the Taxi booking services, this concept entered in all possible markets like food, beauty.

Each new startup wants to be the next Uber for X, X stands for the particular industry like Uber for food, Uber for beauty etc.  You can order anything sitting at home with a few taps on your mobile screen. Easy right!

How the On-Demand Concept Works:

It consists of 3 modules: admin, clients, and service provider/taxi drivers.

The user can demand any service from the mobile app and pay from the same. Admin will assign the task to a delivery boy or service provider and service provider will deliver the demanded product or service to the client and get paid within the inbuilt mobile app wallet. Admin will get some commission on each order and user will get the product or service sitting at home.

Many startups cloning the Uber concept for different industries like Ola is the Uber clone in Indian taxi market, Food Panda is another on-demand service on the same concept made for food delivery.

Here is some popular Uber for X startups that are turned big:

Uber for beauty: Glam squad

Booming the New York beauty market, Glam squad introduced the Uber for beauty offering beauty services on the demand for your home or office. Tap the app, select appropriate treatment and confirm the time slot when you free, a beauty professional will knock your door at the exact time. You get small to large beauty treatment sitting at home and the best thing is when you are available for that.

You don’t need to spare time from office hours.

The glam squad currently functioning in the 25+ city. The user can book any beauty related service and make payment using the card directly from the mobile app. They have mobile app and website both from where the user can book beautician. A user can repeat the same beauty artist for the second time if they like to. You will get all the packages and planes on the glam squad’s official app and website.

The beauty artist will get the payments within 24 hours of appointment completion, within the app wallet. There are many other beauty related startups racing to become next Uber for beauty in the market providing competitive prices and services to attract more users.

Uber for goods delivery: Postmates

“Order anything from the stores around your city or town”

Postmates is Uber for Goods delivery providing on-demand food and other goods delivery service within the town.

The user can order items from the list available in the mobile application. After the order placed all the courier boys that are signed up with Postmates from a nearby area will get the notification for work. Interested postmate(delivery boy)  will Accept the request and go for shopping those items and deliver them to the user’s address. In between this, postmate and the user also can communicate over chat if any item not found or not able to locate delivery address exactly.

After successful delivery of list, the delivery boy will be credited with a cut of admin commission charges.

Uber for food delivery: Zomato


“Order what you love, from the restaurant you like”

Zomato is on-demand food delivery service that let you select any food item from the restaurants from your area and deliver it to your door.

Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda etc are some very popular food delivery services in India. Let you order your favorite food from the mobile app and deliver it. The concept of business is again the same.

The user will order food, restaurants will get notified about the order, they prepare it and delivery boy will pick the delivery to your door.

These are some business startups that are willing to become Uber for X in their industries. If you are handling any related services and want to deploy your own business app then we can help you.

You can build your business related on-demand apps for Android and iOS and skyrocket your business with a new concept. Contact us for more details.


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