New Trends in Education Sector: AR Apps

New Trends In Education Sector AR Apps

New Trends in Education Sector: AR Apps

Augmented Reality – You probably heard about this technology everywhere. Over the past couple of years, Augmented Reality(AR) has the fastest growth in the market. Many sectors include Augmented Reality and Education sector is at the top of the list. There are many educational apps are using AR. AR changing the role of teachers playing in the classroom. Augmented Reality can help them to enhance the way of learning for students.

Nowadays, most people firstly makes contact with AR through apps or video games on smartphones where they are engaging with AR content. Interactivity is a key success factor for the popularity of Augmented Reality. So that many Ed-Tech companies now make most of theirs developing course content through AR that can help teachers and students.

Now the point is How does AR apps can help the education sector? Stay tuned…

Personal attention to each student:

The Augmented reality in teaching helps education institutes to give personal attention to individual students. And also customize the course content as per the student’s capability of learning each subject. If we talking about traditional methods of teaching, then the average ration of teachers vs students is always in a negative direction. So that it makes impossible to monitor the learning progress of each student individually. Using AR, course content can be designed to provide more practical case studies for students especially for the subjects like engineering and biology.

Removing bar of a physical classroom:

Augmented reality applications can provide an opportunity for students to learn from the best teachers across the globe. And also collaborate with the students from various countries on particular subjects. It will reduce the cost of traveling because students can sign up for these type of course from a remote location. So no need to travel to particular locations to study the subject. This types of application give an opportunity for teachers to monitor the progress of each student. In the traditional method of teaching, it is very difficult.

Cost efficient for the student:

Physical textbooks are updated on a yearly basis so it needs to be reprinted for the students. So each time when a new book launched students need to buy for study. But by using AR technology the hardware investment cost is fixed for the institution. And the course material can be updated itself through software. Using AR apps, it makes more viable for a long run for students and institutions.

AR helping in visualization:

Today we know that visual references have a much better impact on the learning procedure. If you see it then you can learn it faster and so that AR apps are using in many skill developing courses. For example, in biology teachers give live experience to their students with help of AR and it also creates crucial cases without using the human body. Engineering students can also use these type of apps to building live structure and leaning the concepts well with using AR applications.

Final thought:

As per the current trends, AR application development market in the education sector is expecting to be a 7 million market by 2020. Many institutes that currently invest in Augmented reality will have a competitive edge to attract students and capable to keep up with upcoming technology boom. Colleges have also used AR technology to create a virtual experience for their students in an area like a library, classrooms and many more to give a virtual tour of colleges with using AR and VR (Virtual Reality) applications.

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Now it’s your turn to tell what’s your ideas on augmented reality in the education sector. If you have any doubt or suggestion, mentioned it in a comment section.

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