6 reasons why you should prefer native app development for your business app

Native App Development For Business App

6 reasons why you should prefer native app development for your business app

In recent years, the hybrid apps are started getting popularity because of its platform flexibility. People often discussing which is better, native apps or hybrid apps. We are not going to debate on that but let’s discuss how native app development has and always hold a better edge over the web apps. On a first glance, better security, better hardware compatibility, and improved UI are some of the advantages of native apps.

Let’s discuss some points on how native apps give you better control and stability.

1. Better security

Native apps can be integrated better with the mobile operating system. This will let the app leverage the in-built security features of OS and lead to better implemented secure data passing. Upgradation of main OS and enhancements updates of the OS released by the company are available for native apps. Wherein the case of web apps, the app is built in HTML, CSS and other web codes that are easy to breach compared to native interface.

2. Integration and utilization of mobile hardware

Mobile hardware like different sensors, camera, GPS, microphone etc can be utilized with ease. In the case of a web browser, it is difficult to access these all hardware in the case of the web app.

3. App store advantage

App store only allows publishing native apps. App stores like the apple app store and google play have a huge audience base with thousands of daily visitors. When any person starts looking for an app, his first choice will be the app store to look for. If our app is ranked well in the app store, you will get a ton of organic traffic and user engagements.

Monetization is another advantage of a native app that provides a unique and better way to monetize your traffic. Instead of PPC ads or affiliate marketing, there are many other ways to monetize your mobile app content. You can even make it paid by providing in-app purchase or full paid app.

4. App works offline too

You can code your app to run without the internet. Some features that do not need constant internet can be used as offline also. Wherein the web app, you need the internet compulsory each time you want to access it.

5. Increased user engagement

After the user installs your app, your channel becomes closer to the user as staying on the user’s device. There are many ways to bring back users on your mobile app for interaction with content that increases the user engagement. You can use push notification for better re-engagements and content promotions. It is difficult to get users back with a web app.

6. Better performance

A native app runs faster as it is stored and loaded as a part of device’s software instead of fetching each element runtime into a web browser. Android and iOS covers almost 95% of the mobile market. As per search engine Google, people started using mobile devices for daily online activities compared to desktop. For any business who is trying to make a presence in the market with the online channel, app development is the best way to reach the targeted audience.

Not sure where to start?┬áLet’s discuss your business needs and build a mobile app that leads your business to new heights.

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