Mistakes you should avoid while developing e-commerce website

Developing E-commerce Website

Mistakes you should avoid while developing e-commerce website

Design plays an important role in e-commerce web development. a single flow break and you will lose potential sale leads. While developing an e-commerce shop, there are some points to take care of and some mistakes to avoid that will help you enhance the user experience and at the end conversions.

Let’s discuss some major points you should refer to before making your website live for shoppers.

Limited product information:

Most of the users first read the product description. If you missed some of the main points in product information, even if the product is having that feature, people will not buy it as it is not in the description. Nowadays there is lots of online shopping website and competition is high. if you do not provide enough product information, the user will prefer to purchase from any other source instead of your site.

The second thing is incomplete information makes it looks fishy and people will more likely to avoid shopping from that website. To win your customer’s trust, you can provide point-by-point product information describing the main features. High light attractive features, ingredients/materials, and most important the measurements.

Purchase flow designed blindly:

Purchase flow is the path user follow to purchase any product starting from the landing page and or search bar to check out. Make the purchase process smooth for individuals to explore the application and not lost somewhere in the channel. You can track the client’s behavior and improve the UI accordingly.

Confusing/lengthy checkout process:

Long 4-5 step checkout will make customers bounce back before completing payments. Remember Amazon’s single click buy button? Well, you cannot use that but you can make the process small or speedy.

Many people change the mind before completing payment. Ask for minimal information instead of full page form with a lot of information and provide autofill or suggestion if possible. You can save address so next to each purchase user not need to enter it.

Don’t make it confusing with clear instructions and speedy checkout. You can closely analyze your checkout flow and find if there is any improvement needed.

Easy navigation and filters:

The main point is to make things easy for users. Easy navigation with a clear structure and different filters will let users sort products as per their needs. After search bar, filters are the most useful feature that helps users finds the product they are willing to buy from your website.

Better copywriting with a clear call to action:

Your on-page content and copy will sell the product. A clear call to action will encourage users to buy the product. And if your website’s copy or on page content is not that much appealing, the user will leave the site immediately or not buy. This is the very important part to improve if you are getting visitors to your website but not converting into buyers.

Try a different call to action text and copy’s from the main area and landing pages of your website.

Few shipping options and limited payment gateways:

These are some barriers that stop clients to place the order. Generally, e-commerce sites depend on one carrier to meet all of their shipping necessities. By providing alternatives to shipping you are providing a flexible way to get the product. Payment gateways are also important. Only cards or only PayPal will not work as many people would like to pay differently.

You can include some popular online wallets as per the region. Like in India, Paytm is a very famous online wallet you can integrate with your system to receive payment. It depends on your users and their preferences however large choice will make it more user-friendly.

There are many other ways you can enhance user experience on your e-commerce website, make sure you implement each point at the best so your visitors converted into buyers and frequent buyers.

Final words,

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