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From the Nimbuzz and Facebook chat to WhatsApp and other instant chatting apps, mobile communication has seen a lot changed in past years.


People prefer to chat instead of a voice call for small chats and instant communications. Smartphone trend added value to instant communication by providing a huge platform. People avoid voice communication while engaged and chat comes handy in this type of situations such as meeting, or in public place. Chat fulfill the purpose of communication smoothly with instant chats.


Your company can help users stay connected with the medium of instant chatting by creating an app that provides chat communication features.


You can add value to current instant chat trends by releasing the app with an extra useful feature that is not available in the market right now. Chat apps can be monetized in many ways and will generate content god revenue for your efforts. In addition, if you have a unique idea of chat implementation, you can offer it as a paid app for a better revenue model.

Why Users Would Want to Download Your New Instant Messaging OR Chat App

  • Mobile service provider charge per message sent. users will get free messages (using the internet) with your instant app.
  • It includes features that are not available in the generic app.
  • A smooth interface that comes with features like mute chat, group chat etc.
  • An easy way to create and join the community, easy to share things with friends and family. smooth media sharing including documents.

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