Live Location Tracker

Live Location Tracker – GPS location tracking system

Device location is one of the major features of smart devices that let you give an exact location on the map with accuracy. Live location tracker is the simple concept with some complex background that gives you live exact location of any other device ( with permission of course!). No matter which industry you are in, you will find a location-based service or feature everywhere from on-demand services, vehicle tracking to social apps.


Location tracking of anything makes things easier while it comes to reliability and tracking of solid data. It is always better to get exact location instead of assumptions. Hence, we created this location tracking module that can be integrated into any system returning the exact location of the device to the tracking screen.

Use cases of Live Location Tracker


Vehicle Tracking

No matter if you are managing your taxi fleet or providing school bus service, the location of the vehicle can be tracked and used for better scheduling. From taxi booking app to school buses and public transport, it is always better to know the exact location of buses or taxi cars so users get an idea about the timing.


Parenting Apps

It let parents track the exact location of their child using mobile GPS With accurate location tracking, parents will able to locate their child and in an emergency situation, children can send accurate location easily to parents increasing the safety.


Worker Tracking

Working with a team from a remote location can be difficult sometimes. Especially while working with the sales team in off-line marketing campaigns or in big working space, it becomes hard to get the exact location of each worker or employee. Live Location Tracker can help you here by sending accurate locations of each individual.

Live Location Tracker App

How live location tracker app works?

The app comes with a very simple user interface where the user can register themselves. after registration, the user will assign a unique key that can be used to give access to his/her location to any other user. The user who wants to track any other app user’s location can send a request to that user using the public unique key of another user with whom he wants to connect. User from another end will receive request notification with request sender’s information and after allowing the permission the person will get live location update of another device.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

With the latest trend of on-demand taxi booking, fleet management becomes really easy. Fleet handling and similar systems where many vehicles are assigned, a live tracker is the best way to get in touch with each on-road vehicles. No matter which type of vehicle you are providing, it is always good to get the exact location of any vehicle from driver’s mobile devices without any assumption. Management and load assigning become way better than before with live location tracking.


A school bus and public/private transport vehicles also are tracked with a similar location tracking module. It is a really useful feature for parents and passengers if they can get the live location of arriving Bus so they can reach on time.

Employee Management (Tracking)

When working with a large manpower from remote locations or in the very large work area, it becomes difficult to keep eye on each individual person. Here comes the location in-play that gives you the exact location of any person, you can check who is where in which section or area. In service and off-line marketing, this app lets you track and manage your on-duty staff with ease.

Employee Management (Tracking)

Parenting Apps

Parenting Apps

Parenting is another important area where live location can be really useful for the safety of the child. If you are using a similar app without live location tracking, the app is useless in an emergency. In many situations, the location of the device will help you reach to your child plus it gives a better control to parents monitoring children’s activities.


The app constantly sends the exact live location to the parent’s connected device with encryption so no other will get access to passing data from in-between.

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