iOS 13 Features Transforming Mobile App Development Industry

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iOS 13 Features Transforming Mobile App Development Industry

Finally, for iPhone users and developers, the most interesting moment is here. A big update for the mobile app development industry.

Just like every year, on Monday, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose. It introduced a bunch of fresh stuff, including a Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, and iOS 13 features.

The iOS 13 version comes with several highly advanced features to innovate in the upcoming days in the mobile app development sector. Without discussing more, let’s look at new features of iOS 13 quickly.

we’ll also see how it will impact the growth of the iPhone app development in the next coming days.

Apple’s top iOS 13 features to look through  Mobile App Development:

Multiple accounts for users

iOS 13 provides one of the most demanding features ever. There is no need to stay tensed until the device returns to you if you also share your device with others.

It also enables you to build numerous accounts on a single device so that each user can efficiently safeguard their user-space.

Dark Mode Feature

The best feature that is extremely demanded by iPhone user is Dark Mode. According to Bloomberg’s report, with the iOS 13, Apple introduced the most anticipated feature, Dark Mode. At the WWDC case, the company announced this feature for iPhone and iPad.

Because of this user of the iPhone can appreciate a darker color theme, easier night watching and save battery consumption as well.

Merging of iOS and MacOs

There have been rumors earlier that Apple plans to combine iOS and MacOS to release some cross-platform features. And it’s true, designers can operate to provide both platforms with a coherent experience and readily scale the app between iOS and macOS.

If you’re a developer, remember that merging iOS and MacOS doesn’t imply that both platforms require a single app. It just implies you can create applications on both platforms with the same user experience.

Advanced Version of Siri

Apple enhanced the Siri’s appearance in the present version and launched some shortcuts. iOS 13 from Apple enables customers to acknowledge or dismiss the call in a very personalized manner.

If a user refuses to call, Siri will automatically send a custom text message to the customer
explaining why the call is refused

Contacts Availability

This is one of Apple’s most innovative and helpful features. The company has already submitted a patent to give users the choice of checking their contacts accessibility status.

This function enables users to see where their contacts are, their iPhone’s working status, and whether the communication is accessible. All this data can be found in the Contact app.

Apple Health

No significant overhaul has been done to Apple Health, but it receives a few helpful fresh features. Health will show new metrics in iOS 13, such as how loud you listen to music and better support menstrual cycle monitoring.

Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi comes with many helpful features such as prioritizing stronger WiFi connections.

It also recalls and activates the place of recognized networks.

Smart WiFi also switches off the network when the user leaves the region to save some battery. As a result, it enables customers to discover better speed of Internet connectivity.

Smart search for emoji

Emojis have always been a subject for iOS users to discuss. For a long time, they complain about it.

If you enter bar fork and knife in the search bar, you’re not going to discover the emoji you’re looking for even if it’s already there.

The reason behind this issue is, the name of emoji is dinner. Apple worked on this problem and introduced a smart version of an intelligent emoji search feature.

Advanced tools for photo editing

Using machine learning properly, pictures collect the entire library to highlight the finest pictures. To display significant occurrences from the previous day, month, and year, it automatically hides clutter and similar pictures.

Both photos and videos are organized to make it easier for users to use autoplay videos to browse, discover and relive their favorite memories.

For this new tool, users will find it much simpler to apply, modify, review at a glance by increasing or decreasing effects with a single swipe and create the perfect look, allowing more creative options for professional photographers to edit their images.

A New Map Experience

As we already know, with just a few clicks, Apple’s Maps enable millions of individuals around the globe to navigate and discover the earth.

This is readily possible without influencing the privacy of the user. Apple delivers a new map experience to a user after driving 4 million miles to rebuild the base-map from scratch.

Users can gain new map experience with wider street coverage, accurate address, pedestrian information. And extensive land cover with the latest iOS13.

The new map is now available in the selected cities and states by the end of 2019 and in 2020 for more countries. For more refer ios13 features.


iPhone app developers are excited about trying their hands on this freshly launched operating system with the launch of Apple’s iOS 13.

If you already have an iPhone app for your business that you want to upgrade or plan to upgrade from scratch on the iOS 13 platform.

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