iOS 11 -some cool and weird features of new OS version you need to know

iOS 11 -some cool and weird features of new OS version you need to know

iOS 11 -some cool and weird features of new OS version you need to know

iOS 11 is almost reached to all the latest iOS devices (iPhone 5 and up). With the big announcement of iPhone x launch, Apple excited iPhone lovers with next-generation iOS version 11 that come with some needy changes and improvements.

If you are developing iOS apps then also you need to consider this changes to get the max out of new OS. let’s take a quick look at some changes and new features with iOS 11.

1. Wifi connection made easier

You can share your wifi password with friends by just a single tap. you need to hold your phone or tablet next to their device and boom. another device will automatically sync the password from your device and able to access the wifi internet.
It is more flexible and secure as well. this will work with iPads and iPhone as well as the macs that running on High Sierra version.

2. SOS button

sos emergency button in ios

Adding security option with SOS button where you can inform your relatives immediately when you are in trouble. when you install iOS 11, you need to first set up the SOS contact details and then when you want to use it just press the power button 5 times and it will lock the figure print login on your device plus inform your SOS contact with your current location so that they can track you.

3. iPad get a New Keyboard

ios 11 keyboard

Now it is easier to get access to symbols with the new keyboard in iPad. the Flick Keys feature is renovated old keyboard that provide more flexibility while using.

4. wifi and Bluetooth are hard to turn off

They made it a bit more complex as now with new update when you tap to turn off wifi or Bluetooth it will actually not turn it off. you need to go a bit deeper into controls.

5. No disturb for driving

ios 11 driving mode

Finally, they added this. with this feature, the mobile will not notify of any activity including text messages and start automatically when you are on road and turn off when you reached. this feature will be very useful and life-saving as many people die texting while driving in accidents.

6. new control panel

This is the biggest visual change in new iOS 11 where instead of a small box at the bottom of your screen you will get a full page control panel. this will help you add some small tweaks and get more arranged quick access to some features on your phone you use the most.

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