How to increase the security with guard tour system

Guard Tour System

How to increase the security with guard tour system

Security is the priority for humans and people have built great tools and systems that help us secure our lifes. in this post we are going to talk about the security system used by almost all the modern security provider agencies.

let’s start with basics,

What is A Guard Tour System?

A guard tour system is used to help organizations to organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets making sure that officers have completed their tasks within a predefined set of time. it makes things easy for the security agency to monitor and manage on-duty guards and helpful for guards for accurate and instant reporting.

These systems can be broadly classified into two types:

1. Wand Tour System: A system that is based on handheld devices
2. Cloud Tour System: A system that based on mobile or cloud technology.


How iGuard tour system actually works?

A guard tour system consists of specific checkpoints. Whenever a guard takes a tour of an area, this system checks the time by scanning the checkpoints. These checkpoints are located at specific intervals on buildings or other locations of the site to help the managing staff identify each point separately. The site officers can then scan the checkpoints, send alerts, track and record events happened even in the real-time.




Benefits of using guard tour system

These are some of the major benefits of using a guard tour system over manual methods:

• Simplicity: Guard tour software makes everything simple. It eliminates paper load and reduces time. All the tour activities are managed by a mobile device, giving more time to focus on other important aspects of work.

• Accountability: Using a system can help save and retrieve all the important data from secure databases. Activities can be tracked, schedules can be organized and the tours can be verified.

• Automation: Earlier, the guards had to take notes and photos of the events and assign it to the managing staff. At the end of the day, data from different guards were collected to get a detailed status. However, with the guard tour system, one can automate the process for less work time and higher efficiency.

• Real-time tracking: A Wi-Fi or GSM enabled tour system allows real-time tracking through instant transmission of reports and updates. Hence, patrols can be conducted with less ambiguity.

Understanding the technology used

Today’s guard patrol systems are enabled with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and device integration. A guard patrol system is compatible with smartphones to have an ongoing communication with back office staff and also provide reliability through GPS.
When the tour guards arrive at a checkpoint, they can use their device to scan the barcode, QR code or NFC token. This guard patrol system automatically checks in the guard for that particular location point whenever he arrives by to ensure reliable information access even if the devices fail to operate. A notification is sent at the back office if any checkpoint is missed or arrived late by the guard.
There is also a mechanism to assist real-time communication between guards on field and management in the office.

Cost of deploying a checkpoint tracking system

Let us take an example of a security guard tour system for evaluating the cost required to create and deploy such systems. The cost is affected by a number of specifications like the equipment, the server, and the app development process.
For example, a handheld reader for security guard tour system may cost in the range of 4000INR to 12,000INR per unit. It depends upon your requirements. You can also opt for subscriptions. A base plan for security guard checkpoint system may start from as much as 39$ per month with facilities of NFC/QR code checkpoints, scheduling management, daily activity report, GPS monitoring, geo-location, real-time alerts, and email notifications. It will cost more for additional requirements.

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