Important Guidelines for Android App Development

Android App Development Guidelines

Important Guidelines for Android App Development

A startup begins with an idea. It tries to bring an innovative solution to the problem that was not addressed earlier. For this, they are left with two options, web and mobile. Most of the startups today choose the mobile way as more customers are inclined towards it.

When you go the mobile way, you again have options to choose- iOS, Android or both the platforms. For small startups, however, it is advisable not to choose both the platforms at once as it is expensive and the risks are high.

If we talk about Android App Development, currently it occupies 88% of the market share worldwide. A number of brands are choosing this platform to build custom apps getting high revenue in return. Now to address the question, ‘How to build an Android app for a mobile startup?’, here we have a quick guide for startups on Android App Development.

Follow these steps, to begin with, your Android App Development Process:

Validate Your Android App Idea

The first and foremost thing to do is to validate your Android App idea. Before hiring Android developers, this step is necessary. It is important because if your app idea isn’t resonated by the customers than it will turn out a huge waste for your business. And you sure don’t want this to happen, right? So, until and unless your app isn’t tried by your first set of customer, your app idea is a hypothesis.

Here’s what you can do to validate your idea. One way is to use the Google Keyword Planner. Look what users generally type in when they are looking for a particular service or product that you intend to provide through your app. Create a landing page that focuses on your app idea. Check if users are interested in your idea.

Another way is to create an MVP (minimum viable product) of the app. This gives the minimum required features of your app to be exploited by users.

Build App Wireframe

Once your android app idea is validated, it means that your customers are willing to use your app. The next step for you is to use a wireframing tool for adding product or service details. Basically, you have to lay out a general flow of your app. For example, how the users will navigate using your app or what are the features that are essential for your app.

This will also help Android App Developers in gaining a thorough idea of your expectations.

Add ‘Must-Have’ Features in First Version

Well, you are trying to execute your idea as fast as you can. And so are your developers. The key to a faster execution of android app development is selecting the appropriate features. You can include the ‘must-have’ features in the first version of your app and push others to the last version. Remove features that can be excluded from the first version. This will simplify much of your work and also our developer’s.

Focus On Design

The design of your Android App is important. And this has much more to do with your app than just the look and feel, so you better focus on it initially. The app design is essential for providing a great user experience. And several startups fail to focus on this factor as they are more concerned about the Development part, but do not consider the Design part. They think that quality is their priority and looks doesn’t matter. Well, for them Skype is a great example.

The initial version of Skype only had features but now it has looked too. We can take several other examples of how popular apps got revamped for providing a better look and user experience.

Prepare a Pitch

When you are through with all the above things, you can create a small pitch of your proposal and share it with a reputed android app development company. You will then get the approximate timeline and cost of building your android app.

Remember, your pitch should not be solely focused on cost. Give a brief idea about your app, your customers, use cases, and wireframes. A great pitch is the starting point of developing a great app.

Hire Android App Developers

When you are hiring, look out for a good design and development team from a reputed Android App Development Company. Check out their portfolio, credibility, and reviews online. Also, ensure if the company is providing you with a post-development support or not.

Last but not least; a startup must also have a marketing plan ready for acquiring customers.


Android has a huge market for startups to reach a number of customers. With a great Android App, one can flourish their business. But, you must keep in mind the development guidelines mentioned here. It will help you in developing your Android App better.

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