Important Features Consider While Developing Android App

Important Features You Should Consider During Android App Development

Important Features Consider While Developing Android App

The great user experience is key to get success from app development and it is the step where most of the android app development companies start with wrong. But there is an easy strategy to boost user experience on apps and much easier than complex strategy. Let me show you some way that most app development companies can increase the user experience on their apps.

So let’s start…

1. User-friendly Interface:

It is the key feature that you need to implement in android app development is simplicity and user-friendly interface. You must ensure that your app functionality is user-friendly which means anyone can operate app easily even if he or she not having prior experience to operate the smartphone.

You also need to remember that most of the user form a good or bad impression of a mobile app within a couple of minutes after using it. So, you must keep simplicity in mind while creating a wireframe for an app. You should try to make it possible for the user to be able to use an app with a few taps and one way to do this is to create shortcuts for frequently used functions.

If we consider current trends, then gesture navigation has become an essential aspect of the app that allows app developers to build the blocks using newer functionalities. And so that you get more leads to the enhancement of the user experience

2. User registration and login step should be simple:

Today, most of the applications require a user to register in their app via email-id or mobile numbers. So make sure that registration page is short and simple because the user gets irritated with longer form and unnecessary questions. You should try to stick with basic information like name, email id, mobile no. and if necessary then address.

3. Faster response:

slow loading speed is the prime reason why most of the mobile app fails to create a great impact in the market. Most users are annoying with slower or unresponsive responsive app. So, you need to consider the speed and responsiveness of an app during the development phase. Ideally, an app should not take more than 10 to 15 second to load and if any app has a long time to loads then it is unacceptable.

4. Integrating Social Media Tools:

In this digital world, various social media platforms are one of the best and most effective marketing tools to promote Android app. So that get connected with various social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. to promote your app. And you can also provide information about app updates. The users can also share their experience regarding your app through this platform.

5. Multi-language Support:


Another rocking feature that will give your Android app in the top among the competitive marketplace is supporting multiple languages. Language integration depends, in which country you are releasing your app and your target audience. An app should provide support for mostly used languages like English, French, German, Chinese etc. If you are launching your app in the Asian region, then integrating Hindi and Arabic is important. Multiple languages also depend on your client budget.

You can first launch your app with 2 or 3 language and other languages will be added as updates. he more language your app support, the more potential customer will use your app and you will get huge success.

6. Supporting User Feedback:


Supporting user feedback is one of the crucial elements of your application because it decides whether your brand is hit or flop. Allow and encourage more and more people to send you an important feedback on your app via comments and rating the more scope you will get to improve your app functionalities. It is the necessary process of the job to evaluate the performance of your Android app at regular intervals. Also, it is the positive gesture from the app owner and developer to showcase their efforts about the users.

7. Less Size of App:

In this days, greatest constraint mobile device that users are facing is insufficient memory space. You will never have space for all the apps that you need. If your app size is large then it will not only take massive memory but also take a large amount of mobile data while user downloading an app. Another reason user avoid large app is regular update because if each update will make the app even bigger. So, it is very important to have less size of your app as much as possible.

8. App Should Be Free:

If we talking about mobile applications, then there are plenties of new apps in the market and there are multiple apps for every function. Whatever purpose of your app is, the chances are high that users are moving to others app that provides free services. So, if you are launching an app with a price tag then you will be shooting yourself in the leg. Your app should be completely free. You should be focusing on another way to make money from your app apart from paid installation.


Today, Android apps are battling high competition in every industry. There is a significant aspect that can make your app stand apart from the huge crowd is offering simple, user-friendly, and unique features in-app. Nowadays, the audience has become quite choosy and so you have to decide more important features carefully before implementing it. One thing you need to do is market research to get a real picture of the market and audience demand.

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