How to use and install Aarogya seva setu app

aarogya setu app

How to use and install Aarogya seva setu app

Aarogya setu app, before we introduce the Aarogya setu app, we are about to launch the Aarogya setu app in India. What is the purpose of this app? Today many people in the world are fighting with coronavirus. According to data from, coronavirus patients in the world, coronavirus total 4,198,407 cases, 284,102 people lost their lives in coronaviruses, and 1,500,667 people recovered against coronaviruses. And another 2,366,599 (98%) mild condition and 47,039 (2%) now serious condition. Coronavirus started in China and then spread slightly from European countries and then spread to North America followed by South America and African countries to Oceania and finally to Asia. During this time, 2,84,102 people have died in the world, and 80,787 people have died in 1,367,963 coronavirus cases in the United States (coronavirus patients in the USA). Therefore, India also falls into these categories, because most people do not know about this coronavirus and are going on the road and meet many people.

In India(coronavirus patients in India today) right now, 2,212 people have died in a total of 67,259 corona cases, so you constantly update information about coronavirus case for reference also refer to the website, but the world meter website only gives information about coronavirus cases, so the purpose of the Government of India is different that people want to know more and more about the cases of coronavirus and also Also know how to fight coronavirus and give information about whether you are safe or not and also to know which coronavirus infection Whether or not they use Bluetooth technology, for this reason, the government created the Arogya Setu App and launched it publicly for multiple-person use. The Aarogya setu app is available on the Google play store for Android and ios users. In the next paragraph, in this article, read about this, how to install the Coronating Tool Aarogya setu. The government has taken many steps to deal with this disease. So far, whether it is a public curfew, lamp burning, it has been successful in all the steps. Due to that, the government has launched another step i.e. Coronating Equipment, Aarogya setu app. In this article, read about those apps, how to install the Coronating Tool Aarogya setu.

Aarogya setu app Download

The aarogya setu App is the best app to protect against coronavirus, and the aarogya setu App is available for Android as well as Apple users on the Google play store and Apple App Stor. (Download aarogya setu app play store)

What is aarogya setu app?

The Aarogya setu app is a mobile application that allows the mobile user to easily access this application and its connection with Bluetooth and this app gives a coronavirus health report such as whether your report is safe after the answer to many questions. , And this app also gives the pree result of anyone infected or not with coronavirus, and the application is protected to the user to fight the corona advises. This app is available on Google and Apple Play Store. The process is defined below how to download this app from Google and Apple store and how to use this aarogya setu app after installation.

How Aarogya Setu App works

A database of the Arogya Setu app has been created according to people infected with the coronavirus. This app is very safe, as this app has been developed by the National Informatics Center which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and is maintained and managed by the Government of India.

This app is downloaded, after which the user needs to register on his personal mobile number first, then allows us to use GPS to track the user’s current location as well as enabling Bluetooth allows for. This is an alternative option to pay into PM Modi Fund. This app is very secure as it is encrypted and is not hackable by any hacker. When you install this app on your mobile you can see the latest health-related tweets by the health ministry of India.

How To Install Arogya setu app

1: The aarogya setu app is available for Android as well as Apple users on the Google play store and the App Play Store.

2: After installing this app on your phone, enable your phone’s Bluetooth or GPS tracker, or after opening the app allow this application to access Bluetooth and GPS tracker notifications.

3: After being allowed to access your current location, always allow sharing your current location (sharing GPS network).

4: And successfully install the app in your phone then this app detects your device for a track record.

5: After installing this app, this app gives you to understand the whole process in default 11 languages, so you can set only one language out of 11 languages.

6: After setting the language, this app asks you to register in-app with your current phone number and then after answering personal questions, such as name, age, gender, previous month’s international or national travel history or not, e.t.c. You have to answer these questions.

7: After you have submitted all the answers in this app, this app cross-checks your data from the government database.

8: This app will ask you if you have phlegm, fever, cough or not (coronavirus infection symptoms), if you do not have any of these diseases, they will check through Bluetooth and GPS to see if there is a corona positive around you. After that this app will inform you whether you are safe or not.

9: Accordingly, your data has been submitted to this app, this app suggests you isolate or take some precautions for your health.

10: Many users are afraid to give their personal data for this app, simply because the user thinks it is not secure, but this app is highly secure and this data is only accessed by the Indian government, so your data is not shared with any other Will. So do not be afraid and help India get rid of this disease. And adopt this policy. (सब का साथ सब का विकास)

11: The main purpose of Aarogya Setu App is to check your location with your GPS, this GPS checks your location six feet and in between, this app notifies you if you are near any infected or suspicious person and Recommends leaving it immediately (coronavirus patients near by me) and suggests you go to the corona center for test your corona report. Or suggests calling the toll-free (1075) number and booking your appointment at the testing center.

12: After all, whether you are corona positive or not, this app also gives everyone tips on how to fight against corona and how many cases of coronavirus have been reported in India so far and how many people have died and how many people have recovered from this disease. They show according to the state.

13: If you are corona infected then this app only shares your data with the Indian government and if you are safe then you have been reported with green color and if you are not safe then you are shown with yellow on your phone screen will go.

14: The last step is that if you make payments to the PM Modi Fund(pm health fund) (alternatively) then pay it and share this app with your friends to invite your friends.

We hope that you have understood about this app now and have also understood the above steps to install the Aarogya setu app. To fight in the face of this epidemic, you should support and respect the doctors, nurses, police, army, and municipality workers of your country. If you do not want to increase this coronavirus, listen to every statement and support of the government and follow it and do not go out of the house and always wash your hands with hand sanitizer (hand sanitizer amazon), whenever you meet any human being. Then greet with folded hands and always wear a mask(mask buy) when you are going out of the house. And keep increasing the distance from every other person.

We hope that 100% of people in India will use this app and stay indoors(home) and safe at the time of lockdown (Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.), and if they do not do so in lockdown, many people may lose their lives. End lockdown extended.  Many activities are done at home in quarantine activities such as by a citizen so that they do not get stressed and not go into depression. The Government of India is taking all successful steps to increase safety kits for doctor and isolation wards and beds across the country.

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