How to sell a product on Instagram – Beginner Guide – 2020

How to sell a product on Instagram

How to sell a product on Instagram – Beginner Guide – 2020

In the world, many people want to do business, want to sell products online, and business owners want many organic customers to buy their products online, but many business owners don’t know which social media the platform is better for selling its online products. Because today many social media platforms allow customers to sell their products online, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Instagram has become more popular for businesses around the world. The Instagram feed gives many business owners a private view of the products, places, and experiences that your friends share. Instagram provides brand marketing features to business owners and is the best platform to make money for commercial products.

The Instagram social media platform is the best for selling business products online and is at the top in the business world because Instagram is that type of marketing app like there are over 800 million people using Instagram apps and 200 million people are visiting Are (organic visitors) your Instagram business page in one day. Out of 200 million people, 60% of people visit Instagram stores to buy new products. All of these reasons mention why you choose the Instagram app to sell online business products to the customer.

Today in this business you have seen that competition has increased and it is very difficult for all business owners to keep their business on top. Good Instagram marketing, this is the one and only solution that keeps you alive in front of the customer in the market and leads your business to the top and brings good organic traffic to your business page. Today we will tell you how you will sell business products on Instagram so that you can bring good traffic to your Instagram business page through it and you can take your business to the top.

How to sale a product on Instagram

We give you 9 steps; this 9 step is the best way to sell products on Instagram. So that you will see on your business page that more and more new visitors will follow your business page, you will keep the organic traffic engage to your business page and you can take your business to the top by earning more and more money.

1: Select an appropriate category for your business

If the owner of a business has multiple business products then the business owner should sell this product category wise as the user can easily know the category wise products. The business owner does not mention the entire product on the business profile timeline, so the Instagram user confuses that time. All types of Instagram users come to that profile and see the shop page. At that time business owners do not get organic traffic to their business page. So, first, the business owner should create a business category, and after creating a business profile set this category on their business timeline.

2: Create new Instagram business profile

The owner of a business wants to bring more Instagram users to their business account. It also wants users to be able to buy more products from their online shop, so at that point, Instagram gives you the option to create a new business Instagram profile, but it should very carefully fill in the masterstroke component of the business account. Masterstroke components such as a business address, website, contact information, business tagline, phone number, etc. All this information must be entered correctly in each masterstroke component, ie related to your business. Then it will become a little easier for the business owner to sell commercial products on Instagram.

First of all the business owner has a personal account on Instagram, so that you can convert personal instagram account to business. We can tell how to do here

  • First of all, you need to Facebook business page create on Facebook and then connect the Facebook business page to your Instagram accounts.
  • Go to your personal account of the Instagram home page, and after looking at the right corner, you see the three-dot option and press it.
  • Click “Switch to Business Profile”.
  • Select the Facebook business page account that is created on Facebook for an affiliate.
  • Choose a category for your business profile, it is very useful for you because through this category, the user can know properly about the things you sell.
  • Set up a business profile page, and review your business, and share business contact information with all of your Instagram friends, and before sharing, you can check first. If you feel there is a change then change first, and then share your business details with your Instagram friends.

3: Audience Engaging Content

About 80% of Instagram users follow the business page, nearly 200 million users visit the business page every day, more than 100 million Instagram users upload many images and videos per day and 4.2 million people per day on posts, If you want to maintain all this on Instagram, then at that time you need to write good quality of content. Because that writing or whatever you post on your business page for your product, you should keep in mind that your content can easily reach the mind of every visitor. So that your business page is as much traffic as possible and you can easily sell products on Instagram. We will tell you how users notice your product so that quality content builds your brand identity.

  • When you upload a photo, content, and video for your new posting, these photos and videos should be of good quality and HD, no stains, and should easily reach your video, content, and image product reviewer or visitor. Then that visitor always spends time on their product page. Your business account page generates the maximum number of sales of your products. When you set your business profile according to the business, you get the benefits. Because it should be a product related to your business so that your business reaches the important target message customers.
  • If you want your customer to easily come to your business profile then you can maximize your bio, because many customers only read your bio, then come to your business page or not. So you can use the business name, skills, a good brief description of whatever you are and the appropriate emoji between the texts, set your business website link, email, or your shop’s phone number, displaying the country flag (set your business location).
  • A business owner wants more users to visit his website, you can use hashtags (#enterprener) related to your business and content. And if you want many customers to stay with you for a long time, then always reply immediately via email or message after asking customer questions.

4: Use the actual URL in your bio

Instagram does not want your user to leave you, Instagram gives a small feature in your business profile, and this feature sets your business link on your edit profile option. This link should then be used by the business owner because when a new customer arrives on your Instagram, customers see your edited profile page and see your link and that customer comes directly to your product page, You can easily sell your product at that time.

Set your link according to the home page of your business website link or set the link according to your business website product page link. If you want your product to be seen by your customer, set your link as the business website home page because the user will be easily familiar with your business first and then go to the product page. Regularly edit your link on the bio of your link profile section and always write any text (follow our product page) before mentioning your link. This is a good sign for you.

5: Add commercial product page links to your Instagram stories.

Instagram gives an important feature to its user, 500 million users use Instagram Stories feature for funny filters, but it does not use this feature only in a personal way, because this Instagram feature helps the business owner for those who start that business on this platform, Instagram stories of the business owner allow him to grow his business and stay with followers on the business page. So this is the best way to put a business product shop page link on Instagram stories.

Earlier commercial links were not included in Instagram stories, business owners at the time only added product image, promoted their product special offering, showcased their product’s new product, and how to make this product Or related videos on how to use this product. Therefore, limited users come to the business page on Instagram Stories, but used to share on Instagram. After the business link is added then the business owner should share the product image with the Read More text link below the stories, the business owner uses the Read More link, which indicates that it is a part that shows the user But, if the user wants to see the entire product, then click on the read more text link once more on this product page. Using it, the user can easily reach the product. This means driving traffic much faster and easier organic traffic get by business owner to his product page.

6: Using the Instagram advertising feature

Many times business owners do not find the right people on their business page, at which time Instagram uses the feature of advertisements, after using this feature users can easily get the more targeted audiences through sponsored content on Instagram is. But before you want to start Instagram advertising, you should know the first 3 factors of these advertisements.

  • How much do you spend on your ads
  • Where you want these ads to appear
  • How long will you run ads on this platform?

Instagram ads offer a variety of options for a business owner to attract a customer, such as photo ads, video ads, slide show ads, story ads, and carousel ads. All advertisements help sell the products on the shop page more and more.

7: Shopped on Instagram

This is a brand new feature on Instagram, the feature helps customers access price and product details, providing a storefront for businesses to tag the best products directly to posts through shopping on Instagram.

8: Use of Instagram selling tools

If shopping is not available on the Instagram feature in your country or if you want a variety of ways to expand your business on Instagram at the time, then third-party tools such as Instagram selling tools come into play.

Instagram business owners use these tools to make their feeds purchasable. These tools monetize your channel with the use of comments or hashtags.

In this third-party tool, business owners can sell their product in a slightly different way, such as a user adding a storefront link to the bio of the business page, and selling their product through hashtags, comments, an affiliate link Can also. By doing this, product sales will increase and business will be at the top.

9: Reach Influences

In reaching the affected, collaboration has an important role in social media strategies, and in this way, customers do not rely more on advertisements rather than on real people.

In influential marketing, anyone can represent their product in front of the big web and social media, and you know this presenter as a blogger, food blogger, and marketing blogger. This marketing helps you to create a target for your audience and build customer confidence for your business.

If you have a business page on Instagram, it is possible to spread awareness on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email. So that users of Facebook and other social media platforms also know what are the benefits of marketing on Instagram. We hope that now you will know clearly how to sell the product on Instagram.

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