How to do Mobile App Marketing in 2019

Mobile App Marketing

How to do Mobile App Marketing in 2019

After doing many surveys and research, you come to the stage to decide whether your business needs an app or not. Passing through every point of the survey, you decide to develop the app for your business.

Once you get an idea for developing an app, building your very first app is not everyone’s piece of cake. Here is the recipe you’ll need to develop an app.

– Hiring a development team

– Build an app with them and upload it to the App store

– Sit back and collect the cheques from Google and Apple

Felt it’s so easy to do? Wait, it’s not yet over. Carefully noticing the above three points and knowing that it wouldn’t be so easy process, is correct. Not only it is challenging to find the appropriate development team to develop an app but many forget that an app is meant to be having a business.

And as every business goes with: “If no one knows it, No one pays for it.”So, marketing plays an essential role in growth. You really have to grab the attention of the mobile app world for standing out to the world.

Here are some tips and trick that can help you with your mobile app marketing…

1. Make it Useful:

It doesn’t matter how you doing your mobile app marketing, if it doesn’t serve something valuable to your audience, they will not be interested in downloading it. Don’t just make a web extension or another version of an online store. Be creative because of creativity and new ideas can attract not only your current customers but can also attract general people. By doing this, put your brand name in front of everyone.

fitness app

One great example of a useful app is the Fitness app developed by Tecocraft team. Anyone who is a fitness freak but doesn’t want to go to the gym or want to do the workout at home can use this app. With animations, guidelines, and instructions, this app helps users make their workout routine easy.

It’s not that, that only big brands can attract people by developing an attractive mobile app. So, the first and foremost thing is to develop the app which can serve the purpose to the audience. The App serving maximum people can have a taste of success from both mobile app and marketing.

2. QR Codes:

When you target the smartphone generation and encourage them to download your app, the best way is QR Codes. You can attach the QR Code to your website, Business Cards, Brochures, emails and receipts.

stream video player

Again the example from Tecocraft development team, a video streaming app. It provides a QR code to download the app for the customer’s ease.

This page exactly explains what the app is developed for and what will it serve to the audience. From this, the audience can decide whether they are interested in using this app or not.

3. Mobile Advertisements:

PPC advertising is not enough to do, you need to be sure to put your ads on mobile devices. Google offers to display mobile apps advertisements while searching or browsing from mobile devices.

If you find your Google mobile apps not effective that you can also opt for FB  mobile ads which are cheaper than FB web ads. It also drives installs directly. It’s on you, who you choose from Google and FB.

4. Social Advertising:

Personally, I suggest social Advertising. It allows you to target your audience using demographics and Interests. If you have an idea about your targeted audience who it will be then you need to make sure that only that audience can see and click on your ads. As Fb ads, you can be specific about this.

Having a typical audience will not only cost you low for advertising but will also return high values( in the form of downloads)

5. Guest Blogging:

When it comes to market your mobile app, guest blogging is the best way to gather an audience. You can post a variety of blogs related to your audience’s interest. You can also post blogs on mobile devices. The key is to aim for the blog posting which can enforce your audience to download your app.

Yes, it’s correct that blog post is not made for promotional purpose but you can drive your post in such a way that at the end your audience would want to have a look at your mobile apps once downloading it.

You can also add a call-to-action to your blog, website, iTunes or Google Play linking your apps page to it.

Closing Tip:

Even the biggest, greatest ever idea doesn’t meet up the success if you don’t really work on your marketing plans and strategies. That’s the reason why you should incorporate a proper marketing strategy for your mobile application marketing goals.

Business mobile app marketing with proper strategy can lead to the growth   of your business. As I said earlier, having a mobile means having a business.

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