How to Building Beautiful UI with Flutter

UI With Flutter

How to Building Beautiful UI with Flutter

Flutter is a mobile app SDK provided by Google for creating high-performance mobile apps for Android and iOS. The Flutter framework makes the developer’s job easy by building user-interfaces that work smoothly with the app as well as it reduces the code to a substantial amount to synchronize and update the app’s view.

It is free and open-source to be used by developers and organizations around the world and easy to get started with building beautiful apps. Flutter has a rich set of material design and Cupertino widgets. It offers platform specific scrolling, navigational patterns, and fonts. Before we move into how to building beautiful UI with flutter let’s see the advantage of flutter.

Fast Development with Flutter

Flutter’s hot reload mechanism allows experimenting with UI features quickly and easily. It reduces reload time, without comprising the state on simulators, emulators, and hardware for Android and iOS. This allows for building native interfaces within minutes.

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Expressive User-interfaces (UI)

Flutter has built-in widgets for Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) along with rich motion APIs, and natural scrolling that lets you create beautiful UIs. It is also possible to achieve full customization with its layered architecture to receive flexible and expressive designs.

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A Modern and reactive framework

With the help of Flutter’s modern and reactive framework, one can easily compose rich UI. It has a flexible and powerful APIs for animation, 2D, gestures, and effects to solve these tough challenges easily.

Native Performance for Android and iOS

Flutter widgets allow best native performance on both iOS and Android as it incorporates all platform differences like navigation, scrolling, fonts, and icons. It also allows reuse of existing Swift, Java and ObjC code.

Unified App Development

One can easily bring their ideas to life using Flutter’s vast set of widgets and tools. It is easy to use and simple to understand, and therefore it is even recommended for beginners who don’t have much knowledge of mobile app development. The experienced developers can also use it for their Java, Swift, Kotlin or ObjC projects.

‘Start Flutter’ for building a beautiful UI

Start Flutter curates a list of open source Flutter themes to use it for creating awesome apps and you can simply download any Flutter template of your liking and use it even for commercial purposes.

Captivating Flutter Themes for your app users

If you are eagerly waiting to use one of those Flutter built themes, then these are four reusable app themes built from Flutter’s UI Library that can be downloaded and customized as per your needs and all of them are built to fulfill a specific required purpose:

  1. Flutter Flat App:

It contains reusable components such as list items, styled buttons, grid items and lots more. This app theme is available here:

  1. Flutter Do App:

The Flutter Do App theme allows for easily customizable navigation. It also supports customizable widget sets for material design. You can access the theme here:

  1. Flutter Food Ordering App:

This theme has required UI elements to build your Android and iOS food ordering application and also an ideal starter kit to make your food ordering app look like the popular ones including UberEats, Yelp,, and Seamless. One can avail this theme here:

  1. Flutter E-Commerce App:

You can build an app for your e-commerce platform from this readily available theme. It is also suitable for both Android and iOS to serve as a well-developed starter kit. View this theme here:


Google Flutter is the best solution when you want to build beautiful and responsive user-interfaces for your next app development project. This is especially true for app development startups that rely on offering user-friendly UI and effective development kits. Flutter is here to stay owing to its fast development process, eye-catching interfaces and flexible APIs. For major of the app development companies, Flutter surely has some of the other advantages to develop engaging apps.

Have you used Flutter for creating beautiful UI? If yes, share your experience in a comment section.

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