How to Boost Real Estate Business with Mobile App Development

Real Estate Mobile App Development

How to Boost Real Estate Business with Mobile App Development

The real estate market is totally getting changed with times and also getting more competitive like never before. The reason behind this change and competitiveness is the emergence of real estate mobile app development.

Today, in the era of mobile apps, more than one-fifth of the people buy, sell and rent their homes online with the help of these applications. With no surprises, the real estate search online has to be mounted to 120% and counting….

The time where you head up from one broker to another or from one estate to another has become the past of the field. Now at this movement, if you don’t think to implement the mobile applications for real estate then the chances are more that you face the loss in business and equally in leads.

All your leads want is to find, sell or rent their home with ease, sitting on their couch. And they get these ease using their mobile apps where they can choose their own dream house sitting at a single place and exploring different estates.

Ways Real Estate Mobile Apps Make Your Things Ease……

With real estate mobile apps, you can have a huge benefit to your real estate business. Visually, because of the apps, the business can offer a vast listing with the proper appealing manner. You have an easy way to reach your customers and pack the deal as accordance.

Hence if you are thinking to establish your business and increase your brand awareness, the best option is to go with mobile app development.

If you are thinking “I have a user-friendly website and that’s enough” then you might be wrong. Think over it again. Is it truly enough?

You can majorly get benefitted from the property apps without approaching towards the traditional methods. The traditional ways were way too expensive which included flyers, advertisements and cold calling. With the best implemented and professional mobile apps, you can accomplish a lot of tasks like list controlling, transaction monitoring, showing estates, finalizing deals, and all this while just sitting at your home.

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Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development

  • Increase in customer engagement and conversion rate
  • Clear property insights
  • 24/7 connectivity with customers
  • The better property viewing experience
  • Geolocations power to your customers
  • Satisfactorily co-ordination between developers and brokers.

Top Features for Property Apps

3D Viewing

 3D view of the property not just appeal the customers but also gives the full knowledge of property on their mobile phone itself which can help them take a proper decision of their dream home.

Favorites/ Saved 

 This feature allows the user to save the like properties. This can help maintain the list of the liked properties and to view them again.


 This can help users to list out the properties viewed on a particular date.


This offers the locations and the routes in an in-built map.

Contacting Details

This is the section where the user can find the details of the broker to get in contact for any queries or inquiries.

Seller’s Contact 

The Users can also get in contact with the seller through email or through sending inquiry message.


 The users can make the filters and search accordingly. The filters can be according to the area, location, price, high to low, low to high or some other factors.

The Mobile apps are always of two types- Customer’s end and Admin’s end. Now time to discuss the features of the Customer’s end.

Customer’s Panel/Broker’s Application

Login/ Registration – Registration to the mobile app via email id or social media networking

Profile Verification by Admin – To maintain the authenticity of the app, the next important thing is the verification of profile from admin.

Property Search – After getting verified, the users can search for the desired property which they want.

Filter- On the basis of various parameters, users can filter their search according to their comfortability.

Details of selected property – If the user finds the property of their interest, they can view the details of that property.

Add Property to sell or rent – The User can also add their properties to sell or rent.

Admin’s Panel

Reports – from this section, admin manages the reports and requests of the buying, selling and renting the user’s estate.

User management – Admin manages the user from here.

Property Manager – Management of properties is done here by admin, the one who is responsible for the addition of properties and also the list removal.

Currency Converter – The users can see the price of property in their currency.

Customer’s Support – The Admin is responsible to give the customers reliable and trustworthy support and to answer all their queries and make them feel ease while using the app.

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How much it will cost for Real Estate Mobile App Development??

The cost of mobile app development depends on the size, complexity, and requirements. Other than this, the cost also depends on the developer’s location and the number of hours required to develop an app.

The cost differs for a different location like,

US-based developers cost approx. $100 to $250 per hour

Eastern – Europe based developers charges approx. $80 to $180 per hour

India-based developer’s rates are approx. $25 to $50 per hour

With the overhead cost, the cost estimation can be calculated. As in, in India the cost per segments to be developed are,

  • For technical documentation approx. $1000 to $2000 for 40 hours
  • UI/UX designs rates are approx. $1500 to $3000 for 60 hours
  • Front-end and Back-end development approx. charges are $10,000 to $20,000 for 400 hours.
  • Testing charges are approx. $2000 to $4000 for 80 hours

So, the cost estimation with the overhead charges can be outlined. The app with the limited features may cost up to $10,000 to $25,000 on a single platform. The charges extend with the expansion of feature which can be rich and driven by high-quality standards. With the rich features, mobile application development charges may rich to $35,000.

Final Thoughts

So, as per your budget, you can filter your requirements and start with the initial stage of mobile app development. The first thing you can do is consult from the developer or an experienced mobile application development companies. Remember the website is not enough for your brand recognition. You also need a real estate mobile app to make an existence in the real estate market.

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