How IoT technology is shaping the future of smart homes?

IoT shaping the future of smart homes

How IoT technology is shaping the future of smart homes?

You must have seen in the doors of the movie opening automatic.


Even you would also have seen the ad Where He uses Alexa to play song and up-down volume of music and do applause. You must have seen in the doors of the movie opening automatic.

Sometimes, All these look like magic, but it’s not.

If you are updated with technology. Then you just heard a word called “IOT”.

All these things like – automatic door open-close, automatic Light On-Off, automatic electrical appliances, etc.

They all are possible because of IoT Tech.

What is IoT, how it works, it’s examples and much more.

Everything, I’m going to cover in this article.

So Let’s start with:


What is IoT Technology?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. In the case of IoT devices are embedded with sensors and they all are connected with software, network and connectivity to enable the exchange of data and make them responsive.

It’s a little bit confusing to an understanding of definitions.

Let’s understand it with an example:


You daily woke up in the morning at 7:00 Am and go to the office at 8:30 AM.

But, One day you woke up late and anyone didn’t tell you, you are getting late for office.

That day you missed your office because you were sleeping and On that day a very important meeting in your office.

Think! How bad it is? You get late because you were sleeping.

But after that,

You get to know about IoT.

Now, How it will help you?

It will learn your daily routine like – Woke up time, Lunchtime, Dinner time and much more.

After updating your house with IoT technology.

You don’t have to worry about all these kinds of things.

Your smart home will automatically tell you about your office time, dinner time, open or close your door automatic after proper authentication, help you to wake in the morning if you are lazy. (Same Like me)

This is only one example of IoT tech to make your understanding better about it.

Hope! You understood. How this technology works.


Why IoT is important?

The report shows, 50 Billion devices will be connected to the internet via IoT by 2020.

Now, You can think about how big this industry is.

By integrating IoT you can make almost every simple device into a smart device and that’s people’s want.

IoT tech not only saves time but also increase work productivity and efficiency.

That’s one of the reasons almost every industry is adopting IoT tech.

IoT tech has the potential to change the way of your living. Above I was given an example to you, how IoT tech can help us in our daily life routine.

That was the only example. There are a lot more.

Like – IoT in kitchen appliances, Alarm Clock, Speaker systems, cars and many more.

Ok! We talked about IoT, it’s the importance and some of their examples.


Now, Let’s take look at how IoT is reshaping the future smart home: 

How IoT is Re-shaping the future of Smart Homes?


Look the given below graph:

IoT technology shaping future homes0

As you can see the growth of IoT connected devices and these numbers will grow constantly.

Combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT making it more useful and amazing for the people.


Amazing Independent Control:

IoT gives you the independence to control your washing machine, Kitchen appliances, Air Conditioner, Thermostat, etc by just using your mobile phone or with your voice command.

All these things are operated by the switch by Integrating IOT  you can make it all automatic.


Making Security More Advance:

Security is one of the most important aspects to look before making any automation.

IoT provides you the best security level. By integrating IoT in your home you can automate the functioning of door open-close.

This technology will automatically recognize the owner of the house along with their relatives and friends.

After implementing this technology in your home. You don’t have to go on the doorstep to open the door. You can do it remotely by using your phone.


Changing The Way Of Entertainment:

Actually, Above I have talked about an ad of Amazon Alexa. In that ad, he changing the music and up-down the sound of music by just his voice command.

It’s amazing!

IoT giving you this functionality to control your music and entertainment systems with your voice command.


Saves Lot’s Of Wastage:

Generally, We waste lots of electrical energy and that’s a very bad thing to know.

But, Do you know?

By using IoT tech you can save both energy and money.

Sometimes, we forget to turn off the lights, Air Conditioner or other electrical appliances. Which effect our pocket and also on our environment.

But, If your home is integra8with IOT  then it will automatically sense the absence of human being in the room or at the house.

And can easily Off- On the electrical appliances as per your need.


Health and Fitness:

IoT helped very much in the health and fitness industry.

Wearable Devices, Smartwatches, fitness trackers. All these things are part of UOT technology.

These devices constantly collect the data and inform you about your body condition.

That’s a very great thing to know!

Advantage of IoT tech

Actually, Above I have already discussed a lot about IoT and it’s benefits.

But, This technology is a kind of magic. As much praise, you do for it very less.


Let’s take a look at some more advantages of IoT tech:

1. IoT technology is cost-effective for you. You must have seen. Smart appliances are costly. But IoT technology adoption will be an investment in the long run.

2. Help you to save more energy and by saving energy you doing your contribution to the environment.

3. Very good to save money. Automation of IoT technology saves the use of unusual energy and it directly saves your pocket.

4. IoT technology helps you to make your life more easy and productive. As I mentioned it’s made almost everything automated for you.

5. Saves lots of time and increase your security level in your absence. I have talked about it above. How it helps you with security.


Final Words:

I’m repeating it again. IoT technology is like magic. You can manage your home devices by just using your smartphone or voice command.

It’s amazing!

I think! You should look for IoT technology. Because the future will be great for IoT technology.

Hope! You get some idea about IoT technology, it’s advantages and how it works.

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