Should You Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers from India?

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Should You Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers from India?

One cannot ignore the power of mobility today provided more than 5 billion users (more than a third global population) are accessing their mobile phones. And if you are running a business, you can’t afford to ignore this fact. This is the reason why businesses today are taking the benefits of mobile apps in order to provide customers with rich user-experience.

According to a report, the global app economy is set to reach $6.3 trillion by 2021. This is quite fascinating! But, does your business require a mobile app? Well, the answer is yes because mobile apps can attract a large number of customers who use their smartphones every day. It offers a lot of benefits to businesses. To mention a few others:

  • A mobile app can provide a strong digital presence to the business increasing its recognition and creating brand awareness.
  • It allows giving a better user experience and engagement to build customer loyalty.
  • It helps in converting leads which ultimately improves business sales.
  • Push notification is also another great advantage of having a mobile app. It keeps users engaged with updates, news, important alerts, and events.

So, if you are thinking of developing a mobile app for your business, then you might consider hiring developers from India. Why India? This is because India is showing rapid growth in the mobile app development market. There are a few other reasons why foreign companies are investing in app developers from India which we shall discuss here.

Why Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers from India?

1. Cost-Effective

One cannot deny the fact that cost plays a major role when it comes to building apps. It impacts the investment. India offers a comparatively better cost advantage to foreign countries. It has a rising number of mobile app development companies that provide solutions at a cost far less than that of the US and UK.

One can have 60 to 70% advantage over cost if they wish to outsource their app development project in India. Hiring dedicated app developers with talent at a lower wage is one of the best advantages here.

2. Well-Equipped IT Infrastructure

The infrastructure in India has upgraded, especially in the IT department as Government is supporting it through incentives and investments. The major cities in India have a well-equipped infrastructure with 100% FDI. This is another great reason for the outsourcing app development project in India.

Use of latest technology and tools has further pushed towards making it an attractive destination for outsourcing.

3. An advantage of UX Developers

User experience contributes a lot to make an app a big hit. One cannot ignore the UX part of the app as it has a direct impact on revenue.

India hosts a pool of experienced UX designers who can build the required app to achieve desired results. So, if you are looking for mobile designers then India holds suitable app designers who can provide the right UX framework for your app.

4. No Dearth of Talent

India has skilled professionals who are well-versed with mobile technologies. These app developers can work on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and more to provide the required outcome.

This means India holds an abundance of skills. A business can choose the right outsourcing partner for their app development project with an assurance that they will never fell short of the talent.

5. Outsourcing Options

The increasing demand for dedicated app developers from India has led to a rise in the talent as well. A large pool of skilled app developers is available and one can avail services at a greater flexibility based on the type of work, credentials, and price. You also stand a chance to choose a reliable partner for your outsourcing venture.

6. Post Launch Service

A majority of the IT firms in India provide post-launch services to address any technical concern after the app is launched in the market. Thus, one can always look forward to a long-term business association with the Indian IT partner whose dedicated app developers will be available to offer maintenance support.

This is a plus point of hiring skillset at the best price.

7. Availability of Support

As a foreign country, it can be quite a daunting task to get the work done within the stipulated time provided there are differences in the time zone. However, this is not an issue with a country like India as most of the companies offer round the clock support.

Apart from this, one can also choose the partner that works in accordance with the required time-zone. This is possible as several firms in India have dedicated app developers to perform the task within the set time frame.


Mobile app development is a task that requires a lot of expertise and experience. Hiring an in-house team of app developers can be quite challenging, especially for the startups. In that case, it is wise not to invest heavily and consider outsourcing the project. And when it comes to outsourcing, you can always count on hiring mobile app developers from India as there are several benefits in doing so.

What do you think about it? Please mention your thoughts in the comment section.

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