3 Best Grammar Correction Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Grammar Correction Tool

3 Best Grammar Correction Tools Every Blogger Should Use

So English is not your native language, and you can only dream of writing error-free English. This is a common problem when writing in English, we often make small silly mistakes of punctuation and some grammar rules error we even not aware of.

If you are writing online or blogging, there are no space of small spelling mistakes and grammatical faults. It will look so unprofessional.

What’s The Solution?

The first solution is that you learn sharp English and or let others correct your grammar of the article for you. Or the second option. Why don’t you just add a free chrome extension and get hint whenever you make any mistake while writing anywhere on the browser.

If you are a blogger and optimizing your content for a search engine, you better know the importance of error-free content. Or if you are writing emails, your grammar will directly impact the image of your business.

Let’s start the countdown of top 3 very popular and useful grammar correction tools available in the market.

1. After the Deadline:

best grammar correction tools

After the Deadline or polish-my-writing is the powerful team developed by the team who also built WordPress. Very accurate spelling correction with punctuation mistakes you can find each minor errors from your content.


screenshot of deadline tool

It is the website, where you will find the input box, just paste your text content and click on check writing, you will get a red line as shown below and you will get suggestion by clicking on each red-lined word. Simple!

Try it now!

2. GingerSoftware -Make No Mistake!

Ginger spelling correction tool

GingerSoftware is one of the best proofreading and grammar check tool. it is not a website or extension, you will get the desktop and mobile app that will let you correct your grammar mistakes instantly. it works best with contextual spelling correction, wrong use of words or better suggestion and many others. And the best thing is it also available in mobile supporting Android and iOS devices.

The basic version is available free and you can get advanced features like rephrase sentences, language translation and more at $5 per month when you go for the annual plan.

3. Grammarly – The King is Here!

grammarly logo

Grammarly is the best grammar checking and correction software (chrome extension and desktop app) available right now in the market. Simply install a free Chrome extension and you are good to go! Get correction suggestion on any input on your chrome browser where ever you write.

(Note: some website using different tech for text input will not support the chrome extension of Grammarly. i.e. Medium).

grammarly tool example

I am using Grammarly for a long time and it works perfectly. You able to fix any spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and punctuation like missing comma or miss-use. They provide both free and premium version. The free version is far enough for the basic needs of grammar correction. Where, in the premium version, you will some advanced features like plagiarism check, sentence suitability suggestion etc.

They provide chrome extension which is the best thing to check the mistake on the go while writing instantly. You will get a suggestion for each mistake which you can implement with a single click. More than these, you can add more words to your dictionary by login to your account, and get ignore some words you are preferring as it is.

We are not going to stop writing English even if get 3 mistakes in a single line, and these are some best tools that can help you make it professional looking or at least mistake free.

Do comment below if you have any other tool suggestions.

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