Google I/O 2018 Announcement – Android to AI

Google IO-2018

Google I/O 2018 Announcement – Android to AI

In the annual conference of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai talked about an upcoming update in Google. From the announcement, we have got a new Android update on the way called Android P. Gmail can write an email by itself. In Google I/O the main focus was on AI. We have got these features in our Google app like Maps, Photos, and News in the upcoming days.

Android P:

At the annual conference of Google, I/O 2018 we got a catch that how upcoming Android OS Android P will look like and what it’s featured.

New Google OS mainly focus on three key elements.

  • Simple Interface
  • Intelligent Interface
  • Digital well being

The best thing will Google doing on Android P is the better integration of AI in the OS. In the conference, Google does not describe all the features that Google is planning to integrate with AI. But we have mentioned a few features that what Google is trying to do with the new OS.

  • AI can automatically adjust the brightness level for you.
  • AI can list the apps at the top which you can use regularly.
  • Dashboard feature tells a user that what apps he/she has used and how much time he/she has spent on these apps.
  • AI can monitor different apps that you are using and intelligently shut down those which you’re not using to save the battery life.

Smart feature in Gmail:

Smart Compose is a new feature of Gmail. It will be part of Gmail and use machine learning to not just predict the words that users plan to type but it will predict entire phrases. The new feature will make suggestions for complete sentences as you’re typing. We are not talking about simple prediction like addresses, but entire phrases that are suggested based on user history and context. Smart Compose is coming to new Gmail for the consumers next few months.

Google Assistance:

The original voice of Google Assistance was named Holly. It is based on actual recordings. But now Google Assistance will get six new voices including John Legend! To make voice more realistic Google is using WaveNet. It hopes that it will ultimately perfect for all accents and languages around the world. New Google Assistance supports 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

Google Maps:

Google adds “For You” tab in Google Maps, it will show you new business in your area as well as restaurants that are trending around you. It also added “Your Match” tab, it will display the likelihood of you liking new restaurants based on your historical ratings.

It also adds augmented directions which will help people navigating a new city. When you point your camera in the direction then Google will pair AI with Street View data to give you an interactive. AR turn-by-turn experience when you are on the move.

Google Photos with AI features:

Google Photos is getting new features based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It can be restored your old black and white photo and convert it into color even if they are not shot in color. It not just covert into color but convert it into realistic color and touch it up in the process. When you just swiping photos in your gallery, Google Photos will analyze your pics and make recommendations for quick fixes like “fix brightness”.

Google News – Now Integrated with AI:

In the latest Google, I/O conference Google has used the power and efficiency of AI to reorganize its news and feature. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze all the content that published to the web at any moment and it also organizes all of those articles, videos, and more into story-lines. The new news feed will use YouTube, Newsstand and Digital magazine app. It will bring you news from a different perspective. So, that you can look at an event from multiple angles and make up your mind with it.

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