Google Duplex – A New Assistant Feature

Google Duplex

Google Duplex – A New Assistant Feature

At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, a new Assistant feature called Google Duplex was announced. Google Duplex can carry out a specific task for you. It can make a reservation at your favorite hotel, book an appointment at the salon or call a business to check whether they are open or not.

Things you have to do is launch Google Assistant on your phone and say something like “Book a table for two at US Pizza at 10 pm today”. Duplex will do the rest of the thing. The AI feature will ring the pizza store and make a reservation in a human-like voice. After calling, you will get a notification on your phone that booking is confirmed. Google gave demonstrated this technology during its I/O conference.

Does Google Duplex Be Good or Bad?

Sounds like natural pauses makes Google Duplex impressive. Google Assistant does not like a robot in those calls. It also understands the context of conversions. Google Duplex could be a lifesaver for travelers who do not speak the local language when they travel in a different region. A Duplex is a great tool for those who are too busy to deal with less important tasks like booking salon appointment. People who struggle with hearing problems, Google Duplex is a great tool.

Although Duplex has a fantastic feature to make our lives easier, it also a bit issue. When talking to a robot that sounds like a real person is not something that most people are excited about. While making a call Google Duplex should identify itself as a robot. Another issue is whether Google should get permission from the user to get record calls using Duplex. Laws regarding this is different from a state to state. It shows that the company does not have a clear idea that how to handle this yet.

Google Duplex really feels like the next level AI stuff, but CEO of Google said that it is still very much under development. Sundar Pichai says that the Assistant can react intelligently when conversion does not go as expected. He also said that “We are still developing this technology, and work hard to get this right”. Until the technology is released and tested, we have no idea that what will be its success rate.

When will Google Duplex available in User’s phone?

Google said that it will start testing Google Duplex this summer. It first focusing on restaurant booking, book an appointment for a salon. We assume that this feature will get smarter over time and capable of taking on other tasks as well. Google does not say that when this software will officially release. It will only work in English first and then it will work in other languages.

Google Duplex is a complicated technology. So, a company has to make advertise before releasing it, otherwise, it will to more harm. We will have to wait for some time for this feature because it depends on how far the development of Google Duplex is.

What do you think about Google Duplex? Will you try it once release or not? Throw off in the comments!

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