Google Down, Moment Marketing up

Google Down, Moment Marketing up

Google Down, Moment Marketing up

The trend of moment marketing is growing significantly faster in the competitive edge where no one can’t even imagine what may happen in the next few moments. Moment marketing is about delivering the right and valuable information on what’s happening in the world at the moment and attracting the audiences for the best user engagement.

On the recent event of Google Down, many people and entrepreneurs made tweets and shared different posts making memes and jokes on Google down, and a few of them got famous in the blink of an eye through moment marketing. Moment marketing is proven to be an effective form of online marketing that helps businesses to get the best audience at the right time.

Companies have also started taking advantage of Google services down and promoting their products or services to reach the right audience at the right place using the hashtag Google down. The trend “Google Down” went viral just after a few minutes when people started facing problems with Gmail services, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet, and much more.

In this article, we will cover everything about moment marketing and guide you on how companies are taking advantage of Google down via Moment Marketing. Let’s get started!

Top Benefits of Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is the best way to reach targeted audiences and to drive the best user engagement by delivering the right and valuable information on the latest events and news happening around the globe. For example, if you create effective marketing content with all call-to-action buttons and do not know the right time to deliver the information and pitch to the audience, then there’s no use of marketing, and that’s where moment marketing comes in!

For instance, on 14 December 2020, Google’s server went down, and people started facing lots of issues in its Gmail services, like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet, and many others. After a few moments, many companies started taking advantage of Google down, and they shared lots of posts on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many to get to know about Google services went done and to attract the right audience for a better user engagement.

What Happened To Google Services

Suddenly, people started facing issues in Google services, including Google docs, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Sheet, and as well as they found it hard to add attachments or send emails. The company server went down and caused inconvenience to people across the globe. However, they were not sure about what exactly had happened with their services.

Google’s Workspace Status Dashboard didn’t display the outage till many people started facing the same problem and reporting the issues on social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Google didn’t even write any comment on what exactly had caused services to become interrupted.

The company resolved its problem around 06: 48 PM IST when people wrote posts in the evening to send their daily work reports, and they checked it was working fine at that time.

Here are a few examples of people who started making memes and jokes on Google down by sharing posts across multiple social media platforms.

Let’s take a look at the following trending #GoogleDown tweets;

Google down maybe their storage space is running out



When you google why Google is not working

#google #googledown #youtube #youtubedown


Everyone running to tweeter to check whether YouTube is down or not

#YouTubeDOWN #YouTubeDOWN


How Companies Are Taking Advantage of Google Down

With the news of Google down, many companies started taking advantage of it and pushed writing content and sharing posts using #GoogleDown on social media platforms to promote their products or services to reach the global audience in the right way.

From startups to big brands, almost every industry is now moving towards sharing posts with catchy content on Google down services to pitch the right audience at the right time across the world. Here are some examples of moment marketing made on Google services down by top companies;

1. Ixigo

2. Dunzo_it

3. Manforce India

4. Universal Picture India

5. Parle-G

The Bottom Line

Thus, Google services down brought lots of fun among people and social media influencers and great opportunities for businesses to take advantage of such occurrences and promote their products or services to pitch the right audiences by delivering informative and catchy content on different social media platforms in a positive way. Many things occur and pass in a while, but a few of them get much popular and bring a positive way of marketing. And this is what exactly happened with Google as no one had any idea that it would get viral this way.

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